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Concrete Walkway Repair, Plainville, MA

Concrete Patio Lift and Level, Southborough, MA

This section of concrete patio for this homeowner had cracked and settled 5 inches. Rather than completely tear out and replace the entire patio, or even sections like this, our team successfully installed PolyLevel to lift and level out the concrete slab. The results in this corner of the patio were outstanding! The patio went from being an unsightly trip hazard, to being raised up to level and safe. And no demolition required. 

Condo Concrete Walkway Repairs, Canton, MA

The association for this condo village in Canton, MA wanted to fix various walkways and concrete entrances. Over the years, the slabs had settled, cracked, formed trip hazards, and become unsightly. Rather than tearing out to replace all the concrete, one of the property managers mentioned he came across PolyLevel while researching repair methods, and was anxious to see if this would be the right solution for them. After receiving a free inspection and a detailed proposal outlining the benefits of PolyLevel, they decided to hire Erickson Foundation Solutions for the repairs. 

After installation of PolyLevel to lift, level, and stabilize the various concrete walkways, our production team also sealed all the cracks and joints with NexusPro, a silicone based caulking specifically designed for exterior applications. 

The condo association was pleased with the results and are glad they chose our Erickson team for their concrete repair needs. 

Concrete Surface Repair, Mont Vernon, NH

The concrete surface of this deck around this inground pool in Mont Vernon was full of cracks, discoloration, and trip hazards. The homeowner initially contacted our team to learn about solutions for lifting and leveling the uneven concrete. However, while hearing about our options, they decided to also resurface the concrete deck to make it look more vibrant.

Our installation crew first lifted and leveled the uneven surfaces as needed. They then sealed all cracks with NexusPro before applying DecoShield. Our DecoShield product not only seals and protects the concrete against water damage, but also applies a tint to make the concrete look new again. The results were fantastic, and this aged pool deck not only is safer now, but also looks much better.

Concrete Patio Repair, Cambridge, MA

The entrance way and concrete patio outside this condo residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts was cracked, discolored, and showing signs of settlement. Our specialist showed them how our team could address all their concerns and protect the concrete against future problems as well.

After lifting and stabilizing the concrete, our production team also applied DecoShield, which acts as a concrete sealant to prevent water from seeping into the concrete. This sealant material also had a gray tint, and so the surface of the concrete looks new again. The transformation of the entrance way for this community is not only safer now, but brighter and cleaner. 

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