Commercial Applications

Commercial PolyLevel® Applications

Watch this video to see how PolyLevel® works to lift all kinds of commercial slabs!

Slab settlement can put the brakes on any business or commercial enterprise. When a concrete surface that's supposed to provide safe, solid support loses its functionality due to settlement issues, prompt action is required to get things back to normal.

PolyLevel® technicians have the answer for commercial slab lifting needs. Discover the benefits of the PolyLevel® system and contact your local dealer today for more information - we offer free estimates throughout the country.

PolyLevel® slab lifting is the answer to slab settlement problems

Don't demolish and reconstruct sunken or settled concrete until you find out more about the innovative PolyLevel® slab-raising process. This simple but high-tech process involves injecting an engineered two-part polyurethane foam beneath settled concrete. The foam begins to expand as soon as its two components are mixed, with enough expansive power to bring settled slabs and other concrete elements back to proper level.

After lifting has been accomplished, the foam cures quickly, enabling the restored surface to be fully functional again. Whether your business has a sinking concrete driveway or a sunken floor slab, we have concrete leveling applications for all parts of the property. PolyLevel® repairs can be made under just about any weather conditions.

PolyLevel® can be used for a variety of applications:

Benefits of PolyLevel® for commercial applications

Before PolyLevel® on a public roadAfter PolyLevel® on a public road

See the difference! High-density polyurethane foam can quickly and effectively level an uneven roadway.

  • Economical. A PolyLevel® repair can cost just 1/3 to ½ of what you would pay to demolish and reconstruct a sunken slab.
  • Versatile. This lifting technology of the expanding foam can repair all kinds of settled concrete, including precast stairs, driveways, sidewalks, slab floors, patios, runways and more.
  • Lightweight. Unlike traditional, mortar-based mud jacking, polyurethane foam won't put extra weight on weak soil.
  • Strong. In addition to lifting heavy concrete, the PolyLevel® process helps to consolidate loose soil, increasing its stability and load-bearing capability.
  • Fast. Many slab-lifting repairs can be completed in a matter of hours. Instead of waiting for new concrete or injected mortar to harden before the repaired area can be used again, PolyLevel® repairs can support full loads less than 30 minutes after the injection process is completed.
  • Quiet and low impact. With PolyLevel®, there's no demolition noise and no heavy equipment to harm lawn areas and landscape details.
  • Green. PolyLevel® is the sustainable solution to sunken concrete because there's no need to demolish a sunken slab and transport the substantial volume of waste to a landfill.

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