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PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling

Chosen for quick installation, attractiveness, and a national network of contractors

This is what customers say in their reviews of PolyLevel®. The innovative concrete leveling solution has been used by local concrete repair companies to level hundreds of thousands of concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, roads, and other concrete in and around homes and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

If you have concrete that's no longer level, there's a faster, cleaner, cost-effective alternative to mudjacking and concrete replacement; the answer is professional concrete lifting and leveling with PolyLevel®.

Learn more about how PolyLevel® can repair your sunken concrete or schedule a FREE non-invasive concrete inspection and estimate with a PolyLevel® contractor near you.

Advantages of PolyLevel

fast drying


Most leveled concrete is ready for you to walk or drive on the same day!



Injection holes are nearly invisible and there's no mismatched concrete.

long lasting


PolyLevel® material is lightweight and won't lead to further sinking.

PolyLevel® vs. Mudjacking and Concrete Replacement

Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials around, but poor installation, wear and tear, exposure to chemicals, and extreme temperatures can all take a toll on your concrete surfaces.

Before the use of polyurethane concrete leveling, there were only two solutions to lift and level unlevel concrete: mudjacking (also referred to as slab jacking) or concrete replacement. Large holes, messy application, and ugly, mismatched concrete colors are just some of the disadvantages of these alternatives.

Learn more about how PolyLevel concrete leveling works and the advantages of choosing PolyLevel over traditional mudjacking.

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PolyLevel® is available exclusively through a network of trained concrete lifting and leveling contractors, each locally-owned and operated in the U.S. and Canada. Each of these concrete leveling companies offers their own warranty and financing options. To get started, schedule a FREE non-invasive full inspection and estimate with your local PolyLevel® contractor.

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