About Us

About Us

PolyLevel® is a concrete leveling solution developed to repair sinking or settling concrete in both residential and commercial applications. The PolyLevel® method uses high-density polymer expanding foam to raise concrete slabs in driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, concrete steps, and other residential concrete. Commercial applications include slab settlement and concrete repair solutions in industrial and commercial buildings such as warehouses, pipelines, transportation and municipal infrastructures.

PolyLevel® is an innovative approach to concrete lifting

Independent concrete leveling contractors, homeowners, municipalities, and commercial property owners across the country trust in the PolyLevel® concrete lifting solution.

PolyLevel® compared to other techniques: PolyLevel® was developed in response to a need for a fast, effective solution to common residential and commercial concrete problems. Alternative concrete repair methods are more disruptive, less precise, involve more equipment, and leave your property at greater risk for damage. Faced with the drawbacks of mudjacking and concrete replacement, homeowners frequently postpone dealing with their sunken concrete problems. 

PolyLevel® is a proven, long-term solution for raising roadways, bridge approaches and warehouse floors that have settled as well as other concrete leveling applications. For homeowners, the benefit of PolyLevel® is that it provides a strong, durable industrial-strength solution at an affordable price.

The PolyLevel® concrete repair contractor network

PolyLevel® is offered by a nationwide network of independent concrete leveling contractors. PolyLevel® dealers receive regular professional training in concrete lifting and repair and share best practices and techniques across the network. Many PolyLevel® dealers are home improvement companies that have served their communities for decades and have added PolyLevel® to their range of foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, and other services; while others focus solely on concrete repair.

Each dealer offers years of experience and expertise in fixing sunken and cracked concrete for homeowners and commercial property owners in their local service areas.

A part of Foundation Supportworks foundation repair solutions

PolyLevel® is an integral offering within the Foundation Supportworks® Inc. family of products designed to solve foundation and concrete problems. Headquartered in Papillion, Nebraska, Foundation Supportworks is a leader in foundation repair solutions from helical piles to wall anchors and from concrete sealants to PolyLevel®. PolyLevel® is supported by a solid team of foundation and concrete repair experts

Why Choose PolyLevel®?

Before PolyLevel®, homeowners postponed concrete repairs because existing solutions were expensive, invasive, and time-intensive. PolyLevel® offers you a significant advantage to common concrete repair solutions:

  • Preventive - helps prevent erosion and further damage to concrete and helps stabilize soil.
  • Safer - eliminates trip hazards and helps prevent personal injuries by keeping concrete steps and walkways level.
  • Affordable - concrete lifting with PolyLevel® is a cost-effective solution and costs less than full concrete slab replacement.
  • Quick curing - your concrete regains its full weight-bearing function faster than concrete replacement.
  • Less wasteful - by extending the life of your concrete, it stays out of the landfill.
  • Neater & Less Disruptive - smaller drill holes and no need to demolish concrete means landscaping and grounds are preserved.


For an effective high-quality, long-term solution for your concrete leveling needs, contact your local PolyLevel® dealer today!

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