Technical Information

PolyLevel® Technical Information

PolyLevel® polyurethane foam leveling uneven concrete driveway.

PolyLevel® was engineered to permanently raise and level sinking concrete slabs. As seen here, the polyurethane foam fills voids underneath the concrete to help it become level again.

The PolyLevel® system provides a new, state-of-the-art solution to a very old problem: sinking or settling concrete. Virtually every type of concrete flatwork (slabs, sidewalks, driveways, runways, patios, and more) will be susceptible to sinking if the supporting soil is loose, weak or prone to compression. Concrete will also sink when support soil is washed away.

Traditionally, repair contractors had two main ways to deal with sunken concrete: demolition followed by reconstruction, or mud jacking to raise a sunken slab with hydraulic pressure. PolyLevel® provides an alternative to these techniques, offering notable advantages such as speed, effectiveness and soil consolidation capability.

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Basic technical details about PolyLevel®

Void Fills Void Fills

The PolyLevel® process utilizes an expanding, 2-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam to raise sunken concrete. The PolyLevel® system includes not only the 2-component foam materials, but also highly calibrated storage, temperature management and dispensing equipment that is usually housed in a specially fitted box truck.

The 2-part PolyLevel® mixture is a modified geotechnical version of the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) systems used to insulate and seal residential and commercial buildings. The 2 parts are typically referred to as “Part A” and “Part B.”

Part A is a petroleum-based isocyanate. Part B contains polyol resin, a surfactant, a blowing agent and a catalyst that causes the two liquid compounds to turn into expanding foam when they are mixed at the application nozzle.

The PolyLevel® foam is injected beneath settled concrete through 5/8-in.-dia. holes drilled through the concrete at strategic locations, ideal for residential and commercial applications.

PolyLevel® characteristics are well-suited to slab-jacking applications

Individuals who choose the PolyLevel® process over other concrete leveling products are usually very pleased with their decision because of PolyLevel®’s favorable characteristics, which are summarized below.

  • High strength to weight ratio. Unlike mudjacking techniques that pump mortar-based material beneath settled concrete, PolyLevel® imposes very little additional weight on the soil. It’s a much smarter slab-raising strategy in areas where soils are easily compressed or have poor load-bearing characteristics.
  • Superior lifting capability. PolyLevel® has almost unlimited lifting capability when applied by an experienced technician. Lifting force can approach 6000 lbs. per sq. ft. Settled factory floors and sections of airport runways have been successfully restored to level using PolyLevel®.
  • Fast set up and cure. Following application beneath a settled slab or other concrete element, PolyLevel® foam expands immediately to many times its liquid volume to create powerful lifting force. In a matter of minutes the foam begins to harden, typically reaching around 90% of its final strength and rigidity in under 20 minutes. These fast set up and cure characteristics minimize down time, completing the repair so that the concrete can become fully functional again.
  • Excellent dimensional stability. PolyLevel® foam hardens and cures to a stiff, strong rigid foam material that will not absorb water or alter in dimension over time. Once cured, PolyLevel® is totally inert as a material. It does not leech harmful chemicals into the soil.
  • Soil strengthening capability. Once injected, PolyLevel® foam does more than expand upward against the sunken concrete. It also moves downward, expanding into loose soil areas that can benefit from the foam’s consolidating action. Other geotechnical applications of PolyLevel® include soil stabilization, erosion control and preconstruction soil treatment to improve stability and load-bearing values.

For these reasons, PolyLevel® is the best solution for your concrete lifting needs. Call your local dealer or contact us online to schedule a free estimate!


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