Concrete Lifting and Leveling with PolyLevel

Sunken Sidewalk

As walkways, driveways, and concrete steps settle and sink, they tend to crack which creates uneven surfaces and safety hazards. Not to mention, cracks in the concrete are also unsightly!

PolyLEVEL, a concrete lifting technique, provides an affordable and less destructive alternative and offers numerous advantages over other common slab raising methods.

PolyLEVEL can lift:

  • Sidewalks
  • Basement floors
  • Office floors
  • Driveways
  • Footings
  • Patios
  • Garage floors
  • Pool decks
  • Warehouse floors

When you are dealing with cracked and settling concrete, there are typically two ways to fix the problem: replace the slab with new concrete or raise the slab by pumping a mortar-based mixture underneath the settling slab in a process known as mudjacking.

Mudjacking, slabjacking, and slab raising are all terms to describe the same process. Mudjacking, a concrete lifting technique, has long been an effective alternative to replacing sunken or uneven concrete slabs. Raising settled concrete is much less expensive than concrete replacement.

Concrete Lifting vs. Replacement

  • Costs less: Concrete lifting costs less than concrete replacement. 
  • Faster installation: Full weight-bearing function possible within a short time compared to replacement.
  • Less mess: There is no need to demolish concrete and no damage to landscaping.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Removed concrete often ends up in landfill; with concrete lifting there is no waste.
  • Preventative: Fills voids to prevent erosion and further damage to concrete caused by animals and insects. Also helps stabilize soil.
  • Improves safety: Eliminate trip hazards and prevent personal injury or possible lawsuits from uneven steps or walkways.

The problem with traditional mudjacking is that the weight of the “slurry” mixture that is pumped under the slab, combined with the weight of the concrete itself, can actually cause the slab to sink further if the soil beneath isn’t able to support the load.

PolyLEVEL is both lightweight and durable, and is able to support and lift sunken concrete back to its original level without any added weight.

Benefits of PolyLEVEL

  • Affordable, permanent solution.
  • Fast-acting: The expanding polymer reaches its final strength and is ready to support weight within 15 minutes, as opposed to mudjacking which takes a whole day.
  • Adjustable: Contractors can adjust the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand and control how much the concrete is lifted.
  • Noninvasive: The equipment used is less bulky and PolyLEVEL injection foam is less messy.
  • Environmentally-friendly: The material does not react with soil and does not release harmful chemicals.
  • Strong and lightweight: PolyLEVEL does not impose added weight on unstable soil, but can still support a substantial load.
  • Waterproof: PolyLEVEL will not wash away once it is cured.
Porch Before PolyLevel Porch After PolyLevel

Porch before and after. This concrete slab was raised to close the gap visible along the brick curbing of this porch.

PolyLEVEL combines the already-proven technique of concrete lifting with a specially-engineered two-part expanding foam that makes it possible to permanently restore the concrete surface with little downtime and disruption.

Stop living with that uneven sidewalk or driveway! Contact your local PolyLEVEL contractor to meet with an expert who can examine your sunken slab and determine whether this concrete lifting method is right for you.

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