A Superior Alternative to Mudjacking

A less disruptive, environmentally friendly method

Concrete slabs, including sidewalks, driveways, garage floors and pool decks, often sink due to settlement or erosion of underlying soil. This causes tripping hazards and drainage problems around the foundation.

Mudjacking has been the traditional method for lifting sunken concrete slabs, but is it the best method? The process involves boring numerous, large-diameter injection holes, and injecting a slurry of cement and soil beneath the slab. Because the “mud” is hydraulically pumped under considerable pressure, it can lift the offending slab section back to its original position. But if the soil or fill upon which the slab was installed is weak or was poorly compacted, the mudjacked slab will likely go right back to sinking. The fact that the mud adds 100 to 150 pounds per cubic foot doesn’t help matters.

PolyLevel® contractors have a better solution - our system has many advantages that mudjacking simply can't replicate. Contact your local dealer or read on to find out more and schedule a free estimate!

Polyurethane foam injection, or the PolyLevel® System, is a superior alternative to mudjacking. PolyLevel® takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology. Some of the advantages include:

  • Light weight: The polyurethane foam weighs only 4lbs. per cubic yard, opposed to 120 lbs. of typical concrete or mud.
  • Greater lifting power: Although light weight, PolyLevel® can support substantial loads; it typically provides greater lifting power than mudjacking
  • Precise lifts: Metered, intermittent injections ensure more precise control of the lift. Lifting force can also be adjusted by fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand.
  • Soil consolidation: Polyurethane foam can penetrate small voids throughout the underlying soil, strengthening its ability to support weight and reducing the erosion.
  • No waiting: A PolyLevel® job allows the surface to be put back into service almost immediately. Whereas, traditional mudjacking requires hours or days to cure.
  • Hole size: Mudjacking holes are often 2-in. in diameter or larger. This can give walkways an unattractive polka-dot appearance after they’ve been troweled over. PolyLevel®’s 5/8-in. dia. injection holes (penny-sized) are almost invisible once they’ve been filled.

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