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The Best Choice for Residential Slab-Jacking: PolyLevel®

A safer & quicker method of concrete leveling

Slab jacking using polyurethane foam injection has been “road tested” for years -- literally. The Department of Transportation has been using this method to stabilize bridge approaches, street intersections, and airport runways for decades.

Today, slabjacking with polyurethane foam is popular for residential concrete leveling. This method can save homeowners thousands of dollars and endless frustration associated with older, inferior methods. PolyLevel® is the leading foam-based slabjacking solution, offered through a network of PolyLevel contractors nationwide.

For expert concrete slab repair, you can rely on your local PolyLevel® contractor to eliminate trip hazards and prevent costly concrete replacement. Before the problem gets worse, contact your local dealer to schedule a free concrete lifting estimate!

What is slab jacking?

What is Slab Jacking?

Concrete slabs shift and settle over time, accelerated by erosion, soil type, and the weight of the concrete. Slab jacking is the process of injecting material under a sinking concrete slab to lift it up. The goal is to achieve a usable, level concrete surface and avoid concrete replacement. For decades, slab jacking companies used a heavy, messy concrete or slurry mix to lift and level concrete slab - not ideal for residential settings. Using expanding foam to lift concrete is a newer form of slab jacking that is in increasing demand by homeowners because it is faster, neater, and cost effective. The PolyLevel® system is designed to make professional concrete slab repair available in internal and external residential applications

Concrete slabs in and around the home are often part of the design and curb appeal of a home. When concrete walkways and slabs begin to sink, you want a neater, less intrusive method of concrete leveling. .

Slab jacking terminology

Slab jacking goes by many names. Slab jacking using a mixture of concrete or local soil is also called mudjacking. Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam, such as with PolyLevel®, can be referred to as foam jacking, poly-jacking, or poly leveling. Regardless of the name, the PolyLevel® solution offers a fast, reliable method of restoring your concrete slabs, available through dealers nationwide!

How PolyLevel® lifts and levels concrete

Unlike traditional slab jacking and mudjacking, the PolyLevel® method is a faster, cleaner concrete leveling process. This simple five-step process shows how your local PolyLevel® contractors will lift your concrete slabs back to their original position.

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  1. Arrival & Set-Up: A truck or trailer pulls up in front of your home. The crew – typically one or two installers – decides where to drill the injection holes.
  2. Hole Drilling: The borings are only 5/8 inches in diameter, so they are easily patched and unobtrusive – especially when compared to the hole sizes required in traditional mudjacking. Injection ports are inserted into the bored holes, which allow the installers to attach the injection gun.
  3. PolyLevel® Foam Prep: Next, the crew pulls a hose from the truck to the job site. The generator, pump, and heater inside the truck deliver a two-part polyurethane foam formulated for expansion. Heated to maintain flow, the parts are not mixed until they reach the tip of the injection gun.
  4. Foam Injection: As the polyurethane is injected beneath the slab, it quickly expands 25 to 35 times its original volume. The technician injects the foam in bursts to prevent over-raising the slab and allow for precision lifting until the desired level is reached.
  5. Clean Up: When the lift is completed, the injection gun is removed. Injection ports are removed, and the holes are filled with cement and troweled smooth.

Foam injection is superior to mudjacking

Faster, neater, more cost-effective, yes. But there is an additional benefit to using expanding polyurethane foam for concrete slab repair. Unlike mudjacking, where the mud injection forms a cone under the slab (point up), the polyurethane injection expands, permeating all voids to create a supporting pillow. This eliminates stress points and lowers the possibility of further unwanted cracking

PolyLevel® poly-jacking can be used to lift interior and exterior concrete structures, including:

  • Driveways
  • Garage aprons
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Sidewalks and walkways
  • Porches
  • On-grade slabs
  • Basement slabs
  • Concrete stoops

Ready to Fix Cracked, Sunken Concrete Around Your Home?

PolyLevel® is the leading concrete lifting & leveling application that can help fix the sunken concrete slabs in and around your home.  PolyLevel® can fix interior floor slabs, exterior concrete cracks, damaged concrete on patios and stoops, and more. If you have a sinking concrete slab that is in need of repair, contact a local PolyLevel® dealer near you for a Free Estimate

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