Residential Slab Jacking

PolyLevel®, the Best Choice for Residential Slab-Jacking

A safer & quicker solution to concrete leveling

PolyLevel® poly-jacking can be used to lift interior and exterior concrete structures, including:

  • Driveways
  • Garage aprons
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Sidewalks and walkways
  • Porches
  • On-grade slabs
  • Basement slabs
  • Concrete stoops

Slab jacking using polyurethane foam injection has been “road tested” for years -- literally. The Department of Transportation has been using this method to stabilize bridge approaches, street intersections, and airport runways for decades.

Now, available for residential applications, it can save homeowners thousands of dollars and endless frustration associated with older, inferior methods. PolyLevel® technicians can provide professional concrete lifting and leveling services to homeowners needing a permanent fix to their sunken, cracked concrete. Instead of mudjacking, we like to use poly-jacking. Contact your local dealer to schedule a free estimate!

How PolyLevel® lifts and levels concrete

Unlike traditional slab jacking and mudjacking, PolyLevel® takes the mess out of concrete leveling. Our contractors use this same six step process to properly level and lift your concrete.

  1. A self-contained unit, such as a truck or trailer pulls up in front of your home. The crew – typically one or two installers – decides where to drill the injection holes.
  2. The borings are only 5/8 in. diameter, so they are easily patched and unobtrusive – especially when compared to the hole sizes required for traditional mudjacking. Injection ports are inserted into the bored holes to allow the attachment of the injection gun.
  3. Next, the “crew” pulls a hose to the job site from the truck. Inside the truck, a generator, pump, and heater deliver a two-part polyurethane that’s formulated for aggressive expansion. Heated to maintain flow, the parts are not mixed until they reach the tip of the injection gun.
  4. As the polyurethane is injected beneath the slab, it quickly expands to 25 to 35 times its original volume. The technician injects the foam in bursts to prevent over-lifting. When the lifting action ceases, he delivers another burst of foam. This is repeated until the desired level is reached.
  5. Unlike mudjacking, where the mud injection forms a cone under the slab (point up), the polyurethane injection expands permeating all voids to create a supporting pillow. This eliminates stress points and lowers the possibility of unwanted cracking. It also reduces the number of unsightly borings.
  6. When the lift is completed, the ejection gun is removed. Unused polyurethane stays inside the hose where it can be used for the next job. Injection ports are removed, and the holes are filled with cement and troweled smooth.

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Uneven Garage Floor Repair Uneven Garage Floor Repair

Uneven Garage Floor Repair

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PolyLevel® is the new and effective concrete lifting & leveling application that can help fix your sunken concrete slabs for residential areas as well as commercial applications.  PolyLevel® can fix interior floor slabs, exterior concrete cracks, damaged concrete on patios and stoops, and more. If you have a damaged concrete slab that is in need of repair, contact a local PolyLevel® dealer near you for a Free Estimate

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