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Incredible Settlement Repair in Bells,TN

Foreman Jed and his crew completed this settlement repair by installing our Push Pier system! As you can see in the before shot, there was a GIANT crack on the exterior brick, hinting major structural settling of this home. After stabilizing the home, the crew was able to achieve lift which completely eliminated the crack!! 

Eads, TN home on the market with a trip hazard in the driveway

This Eads, TN home is about to be put on the market. The inspector and real estate agent agreed that the sinking driveway was a terrible eyesore, a trip hazard, and would reduce buyer's perceived value of the home y as much as $10,000

Nexxus Pro in Collierville, TN

This before and after is all about CRACK REPAIR!! Before deciding to completely replace concrete, Redeemers Group recommends getting an inspection to see if it can be repaired, not replaced. We have just the fix for sunken or cracked concrete here at Redeemers!! We offer Nexxus Pro to fill in concrete cracks, and our PolyLEVEL technology to raise sunken concrete.

These pictures are from a driveway in Collierville. This customer opted to fill in the cracks with Nexxus Pro, in addition to the PolyLEVEL to raise the sidewalk of the home. The Nexxus Pro is seamlessly injected into the crack, then our team will smooth it out level with the concrete, then dust it with sand so it will blend with the existing concrete. Once the Nexxus Pro has completely dried, you can hardly tell there was ever a crack. See the before and after of this amazing crack repair!

Sidewalk Facelift in Collierville, TN!

This sidewalk in Collierville, TN was such a trip hazard! After Redeemers Group came to the rescue with our PolyLEVEL technology, the sidewalk was raised back up the original position, eliminating the trip hazard. As seen in the before pictures, you can see where the one slab has clearly sunken lower than the others, causing the trip hazard. In the after pictures, you can see all the slabs are once again level. Thank you PolyLEVEL!!

Sinking Front Porch fixed with PolyLEVEL

The front porch of this home was not only sinking in and becoming an eyesore, it was actually sinking in to the foundation's piers causing them to crack. The porch was lifted back to level in approximately 7 minutes. It not only took care of the eyesore, but relieved the stress being put on the home's foundation. A video of this project can be found on our YouTube channel. You can watch the porch come back to level as you watch. 

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