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Concrete Repair Contractors

Do you have a concrete problem? If so, you’re not alone. Concrete’s versatility as a building material means that we are literally surrounded by this all-purpose masonry product. It’s what we use for driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool surrounds, exterior stairs and more.

3 causes of sunken or settled concrete

  • Weak soils. Fill soil and soil with high organic content is easily compressed by weight from above.
  • Washouts. Flooding and heavy rain can erode soil beneath a concrete slab, leaving all or part of the slab unsupported.
  • Shrinking clay soil. Soil with high clay content can shrink significantly during dry weather, sometimes causing a concrete slab to sink.

Concrete problems often are associated with two notable characteristics of the material: weight and stiffness. If the soil beneath a concrete slab is not sufficiently dense or strong, the slab’s weight will push down on the soil, causing the slab to sink below its proper level. If the slab is well-supported in one area but not in another, concrete’s inability to flex will often cause the slab to crack – sinking in one area while remaining stable in another. Sunken concrete is a very common problem, often occurring in sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other slab-on-grade applications.

Hire a specialist; not a general contractor.

Handyman services, general contractors and remodeling contractors all advertise their ability to tackle a wide variety of home repair and home improvement tasks. But it’s not a good idea to call in these guys if you have a concrete problem. For example, a general contractor or home repair carpenter may recommend demolishing a sunken slab and then erecting new formwork to pour a new slab. Counting the time required for the new concrete to harden and cure, it could easily be a week or more before the repair is ready for traffic. In contrast, a concrete repair specialist equipped with the PolyLevel® system could raise the sunken concrete and restore functionality within a couple of hours. Unlike a general contractor, a concrete repair specialist has special tools, materials and training to make permanent concrete repairs quickly and affordably.

Choosing a concrete repair specialist

It's not as difficult as it may seem to find a concrete repair specialist in your area.

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