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Driveway Leveling in Abilene, TX

This driveway had a section of concrete that appeared to be popping up in the center and causing a tripping and driving hazard. We leveled the concrete and sealed the joints. Now it looks brand new again. 

Lift Concrete Steps at an Apartment Complex in Borger, TX

These stairs at an apartment complex were sinking and pulling away from the structure. Our crew used our Polylevel foam to lift them back into place. The "exposed" foam was then sprayed with waterproof gray paint so that it looked like concrete. 

Repairing a Patio in Borger, TX

This large patio was cracked and broken. It was unusable to the homeowner.

In one day, we lifted and leveled the concrete and sealed all the joints. 

The homeowner was so happy that he could now use his patio again to host parties!

Repairing a Concrete Porch in Silverton, TX

The front porch of this home was sinking and allowing water to drain back underneath the home.


Our crew lifted the porch and sealed the joints with our patented products and now the homeowners

have a "new" porch!

Pool Deck Repair in Amarillo, Texas

The back section of this pool deck was sinking 3 inches and creating a tripping hazard. It had even created a large gap between the sections of concrete. 

Our crew lifted it back into place and filled the large gap with concrete. 

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