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Cracked and uneven concrete is a falling hazard for you, your loved ones, and any guests on your property. While a lot of home and business owners think DIY concrete repair options will save them money, they won’t have the same results as concrete leveling, lifting, and sealing from a PolyLevel dealer. A reliable concrete repair contractor will determine the cause of sinking and cracked concrete and provide an appropriate solution for the damage.

For a long-lasting solution to your sunken concrete, you can count on your local PolyLevel® concrete leveling specialist. PolyLevel is a fast-acting, stress-free solution for uneven concrete in Mobile. It installs with minimal disruption unlike traditional mudjacking. The two-part foam is waterproof and expands for precise results, ensuring stable and beautiful slabs for the long haul. Even better, we offer SealantPro™. This effective concrete sealing solution provides permanent protection again chemicals, water, pitting, flaking, and more in just one quick application.

Looking to fix sinking sidewalks, driveways, patios, floors, and other uneven concrete surfaces? Your trusted PolyLevel expert can help home and business owners in Mobile with durable and trustworthy solutions. Schedule a concrete leveling and concrete sealing estimate with them to get started!

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Efficient Concrete Repair Services in Mobile, AL:

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Sunken, Uneven Walkway Leveling
  • Cracked Driveway Repair
  • Uneven Concrete Patio Lifting
  • Damaged Concrete Pool Deck Repair
  • Cracked Concrete Repair

Causes of Cracked & Uneven Concrete

Concrete is known for being durable, rigid, and heavy. These features make it ideal for commercial and residential applications, from patios and steps to driveways and warehouse floors. However, soil under concrete slabs shifts over time as ground moisture content changes. When soil moves, voids form under the concrete. This space then causes the heavy concrete to sink, forming cracks. Soil movement and its impacts come from:

  • Backfilled Soil: Loose soil that is backfilled when a home is built is often not well compacted and settles over time, resulting in one or more voids under the concrete.
  • Droughts & Soil Shrinkage: In droughts, the soils under your concrete shrink, causing voids, as well as cracks and crevices in the concrete.
  • Rainfall & Erosion: When it rains, water finds its way into and under concrete slabs, causing the soil to soften and weaken, or wash away, leaving voids.

Soil movement occurs under all concrete slabs and is inevitable. But, you don’t have to let sinking and cracked concrete become permanent. Partner with your local PolyLevel dealer to make the most of reliable concrete leveling solutions.

Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair in Mobile, AL

Many contractors in the industry use mudjacking, also known as slab jacking, to stabilize cracked, uneven concrete. However, mudjacking comes with a variety of disadvantages for home and business owners in Mobile. One downside of mudjacking is that it does not fix the source of sunken concrete. Another drawback is that mudjacking is disruptive, messy, and damages properties, including landscaping.

With the PolyLevel system, you won’t have to worry about disruptions to your property. This solution uses a two-part expanding foam to provide an accurate lift and mess-free, long-lasting results. It is also adjustable for commercial and residential applications, including cracked and sinking driveways around a home or sinking warehouse floors.

Benefits of the PolyLevel® System:

  • High-density expanding polyurethane foam - PolyLevel®’s polyurethane injection expands and closes all voids beneath the concrete. This eliminates stress points and lowers the possibility of unwanted cracking.
  • Environmentally friendly - PolyLevel® concrete leveling extends the life of your concrete and keeps it out of landfills. No need to remove and replace entire concrete slabs!
  • Water-resistant concrete lifting foam - PolyLevel® is a long-lasting repair that won’t wash away by rain or other precipitation.
  • Cleaner, more effective alternative to mudjacking/slab jacking - Our PolyLevel® solution is non-invasive. Fixing your damaged concrete won’t damage your landscaping.

Why More Mobile, AL Homeowners Choose Us

  • Superior Mudjacking-Alternative, Concrete Lifting & Leveling System
  • Fast-Acting, Permanent Slab Protection with Concrete Sealing
  • Free, No-Obligation Cost Estimates for Concrete Repairs & Concrete Sealing
  • Stress-Free Financing for Qualified Borrowers - Ask Local Dealer for Details

Fix sinking & uneven concrete with your local PolyLevel company!

Ready to boost the curb appeal and safety of your home or commercial property? Get in touch with your local concrete repair specialist to benefit from their PolyLevel and SealantPro™ solutions in Mobile, AL, and beyond.

Schedule a free estimate to learn how the PolyLevel system can upgrade your property!

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Project Location: Mobile, AL 36693

Comment: A large hole under a large concrete slab forming and getting larger every day.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: Pool deck concrete leveling estimate

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36608

Comment: Pool deck has voids and needs lifting/leveling. Driveway needs lifting/leveling and has potential voids. I am getting bids from multiple contractors and am figuring out pricing.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: Leveling a couple concert slaps around the pool.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: A few concrete slabs around the pool have sunk by 1 inch. I need to lift them up.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36608

Comment: Concrete around pool area and driveway are cracking and uneven.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: Front sidewalk is sinking

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: Have a couple of concrete sections on edge of pool that one side has sunken down about 2 inches over time. Would like to find out an estimate to lift it back into place. Sections are roughly 15' x 3' each

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36619

Comment: I have a sidewalk 40ft x 3ft that's sunken due to erosion. I have fixed the cause and would like an estimate to get this leveled

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36608

Comment: I have a couple of concrete slabs that have been cracked, sunken and raised due to a tree falling that needs to be repaired.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36693

Comment: Front steps on house unlevel and driveway in front of steps

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36606

Comment: Need the driveway leveled.

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: 1/8" cracks in slab causing crown to pull away

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36695

Comment: Slab around pool has settled causing trip hazards and cracks

Project Location: Mobile, AL 36609

Comment: My front porch has a settling problem on my left front corner and I need it raised up.

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