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PolyLevel® is a less disruptive to surrounding property and a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional concrete lifting & leveling. The entire concrete lifting process is less destructive and offers numerous benefits over typical slab raising methods. Our Park City contractors are exclusively trained professionals with the experience to provide our valued customers with our patented PolyLevel® concrete leveling solution.

The PolyLevel® Concrete lifting and slab-raising applications are a suitable solution to many variations of sinking and settling concrete, including:

• Concrete driveways and concrete steps
• Interior floor slabs
• Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
• Sunrooms with concrete floors
• Concrete roadways & parking areas
• Airport runways
• Concrete patios & landings
• Concrete sidewalks

The Best Alternative to Mudjacking and Slab Jacking

Mudjacking, or pressure grouting are concrete leveling solutions that require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete, a procedure that is time-consuming and expensive, not to mention disruptive to the property. PolyLevel®’s two-part foam expands instantaneously upon injection beneath a settled slab. The injection holes that our contractors drill through the slab are small and much less noticeable than those required for a typical mudjacking concrete leveling procedure. During the injection process, PolyLevel® expands many times its original volume and gains density, forcing the sunken concrete back to its initial level. It takes only a matter of minutes for the polymer to expand and reach more than 90% of its firmness!

For homeowners, general contractors, and commercial property owners, the PolyLevel® system is the most effective solution for repairing unsightly and dangerous sunken concrete surfaces. Contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate!

Long-Lasting Concrete Repair in Park City, UT

Cracked or damaged concrete can be a serious hazard to you and your family. Fixing damaged concrete on your own may seem overwhelming and stressful, and DIY concrete repairs aren’t as effective or long-lasting as professional concrete lifting and leveling solutions. Fortunately, we provide worry-free solutions for sunken, cracked, and damaged concrete in Park City. Our concrete crack repair and concrete sealant products are long-lasting, durable, and quick to install with minimal disruption. Concrete specialists can fix your cracked sidewalk, driveway, and patio problems. Schedule a free estimate for concrete repair in Park City and nearby Utah!

Our Concrete Repair Solutions in Park City Can Fix:

  • Sunken, Uneven Walkways
  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Concrete Patios
  • Damaged Concrete Pool Decks
  • Cracked Concrete

Schedule your free concrete repair estimate in Park City, UT with a call or a click today to learn more about which of our proven concrete solutions will work for your property.

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Park City, UT:

Project Location: Park City, UT 84098

Comment: I work for a residential construction company. The ground beneath the slab has dropped. We have an area about 20' X 20' that we need filled. Is this something that you can help us with, Thank you

Project Location: Park City, UT 84060

Comment: Driveway leveling

Project Location: Park City, UT 84060

Comment: I am looking to repair a sunken concrete circular driveway in front of the garage. There is about a 4 inch gap or curb between concrete and garage bc it sunk. What are my options?

Project Location: Park City, UT 84098

Comment: Triangle section of concrete driveway has sunk, no cracks. The piece is 12' x 6' approximately It is sunk about 1 1/2 inches against the main driveway. Pretty small job. the driveway section nest to it has been chipped away some against the sunken piece. no rush, just would like to get an idea on cost to lift it back up.

Project Location: Park City, UT 84060

Comment: Hi, One of our back patios has sunk. Thanks, Gretchen

Project Location: Park City, UT 84060

Comment: One section of driveway 12ft front walkway One section back deck

Project Location: Park City, UT 84098

Comment: I have a 4x8 concrete patio slab that is less than 6 months old. Snow melt eroded the dirt/gravel under half of it and it has dropped 1x1/4 inch under the one side. I have shores it up the best I can with rocks but would like it lifted back into place.

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