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Testimonial Photo by Gerald and Loretta
 We are delighted to have the lake side of our home's  foundation lifted back to where it should be and re-stabilized!  We are also pleased to see that the invoice exactly matched the quotation with no added or hidden costs. We were very impressed with the professionalism,  work ethic, dedication of the crew.  Under Victor's constant monitoring and expert measuring, the True Level team completed the lift and stabilization very efficiently and with great care.  The team members took obvious pride in their work and worked hard to solve the site challenges as they arose.  Loretta and I really enjoyed all of the team.  Please pass on our warm regards on to Victor, Justin, "TJ" and Ryan.   It was a pleasure to have them do this important work for us on our home. We take comfort that this work has a 10 year settlement and 25 year Foundation Supportworks  component - transferable warrantee.
Gerald and Loretta of Sunshine Coast, BC
Friday, October 3rd
Thank you for your diligence and outstanding service in the repair of our home's foundation.  Everything went smoothly and ran without a hitch. We would like to convey our thanks to your crew, under the direction of Victor, who worked with enthusiasm, positive energy, politeness, camaraderie, and a sense of humour and meticulous attention to the details of the job at hand.  Kudos also for the excellent job done on cleanup. Our sincere thanks for making this project a success.  We sincerely recommend contracting your services. Merv & Uta Lindgrin
Merv & Uta L. of Port Coquitlam, BC
Tuesday, October 15th
Our house is about 33 yrs old and we have lived there for 22 yrs.  We have a floating Concrete slab.  We knew when we moved in that there were issues with the slab.  It was obvious it had settled over the years.  Using a level I had determined that the North and South edges of the slab had settled and that the middle of the house had not settled.  The slab had settled about 3 inches on both sides.  In the kitchen, if you looked at the plinth under the base cabinet there was an obvious difference from one side to the other.   If you placed a marble at the entrance to the kitchen it would make a B-line for the outside wall.  The settled slab made it really hard to install baseboards, we actually used crown mouldings to get from the baseboard to the floors.  The slab had fallen away from a few walls in the family room and the spare bedroom, you could actually move the walls back and forth.  The doors wouldn’t close properly either.   We had talked for years about raising the slab back to the proper level but didn’t think we could afford it.  I had heard about True Level from a friend.  We decided to call them for an estimate just to see what we were looking at for cost.  Vic came over to the house and talked to us about our slab.  Right from the start we were impressed with the advice we received, very friendly and knowledgeable.  The cost was not as much as we had anticipated.  We raised the entire lower floor back to the proper level.   To take on a project of this size was daunting because you have to evacuate the entire lower floor of your house right down to the bare floors.  The easiest part of this project was True Level raising the floor.  They were done in one day and the staff were very friendly, it was a very positive experience.  The loose walls are now secure and the doors close properly.   I would recommend True Level to anybody to remedy their slab / concrete issues.   A job well done.
Gary C. of Surrey, BC
Monday, March 10th
We recently hired Total Concrete to correct some slippage at one corner of our house. We found they were punctual, attentive, efficient, effective, and finally appreciative of our budget. We would not hesitate to recommend them. Their professionalism quickly become obvious, they further back this with a lifetime guarantee. Kudos to them and many thanks for a worry free lifetime warranty.    
Gary + Sheila of Port Moody, BC
Wednesday, February 5th
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