Raising Failing Concrete with PolyLevel®

Soil erosion and settlement often cause concrete slabs in patios, sidewalks and driveways to sink into the ground. This type of settlement isn't just unsightly; it can also cause more damage and can be a safety hazard. Water tends to pool on sunken surfaces and unleveled floors cause a trip hazard. Until now, the only solution available to repair sinking slabs was mudjacking, a process that involves drilling large holes in the slab to inject a mixture of cement and mud underneath, to raise it back to level. Foundation Supportworks, an industry leader in the development of foundation repair technologies and solutions, proudly introduces the most advanced alternative to mudjacking - the PolyLevel System. The PolyLevel System is a state-of-the-art approach to repairing sinking concrete slabs. It combines the concept of mudjacking with the most advanced technology. Instead of using a mix of mud and cement to raise the slab, PolyLevel utilizes high-density polyurethane specially engineered for this purpose. The advantages of using PolyLevel over conventional mudjacking are many. PolyLevel is lighter than mud-cement mixes (4lbs per cubic foot opposed to 120lbs) so it will not overburden the loadbearing soil beneath the concrete and lead to further settlement. The expanding nature of the material allows it to penetrate crevices in the soil, completely filling the cavity and safely raising the slab to the desired level. PolyLevel can be installed in just one day, through smaller, dime-sized holes drilled in the concrete and just 15 minutes after installation you can walk or drive over the slab! There is no need for extended periods of curing, as is the case with cement and mud compounds. Foundation Supportworks is a foundation repair company you can trust . We're the largest and most reputable foundation repair network in the world, with dealers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information about the PolyLevel System, or to locate a PolyLevel installer near you visit our website or call us today!

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