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  • Lifts settled slabs and slab foundations
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  • Levels concrete steps and landings
  • Fills sinkholes and other voids
  • Lifts, levels and stabilizes roadways and airport runways
  • Strengthen and stabilizes loose soil for preconstruction applications

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Matvey Foundation Repair, Inc. provides expert structural support solutions for new and existing homes and commercial foundations in the Greater Seattle and Tacoma areas.

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TerraFirma Foundation Systems is Oregon's locally owned and PolyLevel dealer, providing basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair services.

Conditions where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink is not uncommon in Washington and is often the result of shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. It causes driveways, sidewalks, walkways, concrete steps or patio areas to become tripping hazards and can effect property value.

Washington, also known as The Evergreen State, hosts a variety of soil types, ranging in density and load-bearing capacities. Topography includes a mix of inlets, bays mountains and a semi-arid basin.

Soil in any environment can change, however. When the weight above the soil exceeds the soil below, the soil will compact and settle. Clay and silt can also cause soil to compact when it becomes dry. Regardless of the reason, once soil becomes compact, heavy concrete above the soil will sink and crack. It's a gravity thing!

While it is a very noticeable problem, with the right contractor, it can have a very simple solution.

Previously, sinking concrete was repaired by a technique called "mud jacking" that uses a thick slurry to fill in the gap underneath the sunken concrete. While effective, it is not the most efficient way to solve the problem, and adds more weight above the compacting soil.

Today, select contractors in Washington are trained and to provide a better alternative to mud jacking. PolyLevel is a less intrusive, lighter weight solution that doesn't add more weight to the problem.

If you are seeing signs of sinking concrete on your property, have a contractor to provide the PolyLevel alternative to mud jacking take a look at it. The following Washington contractors are trained and to provide a free estimate to solve your sinking concrete problem.

Customer Reviews
  • By Patti L.
    Silverton, OR
    "I was very pleased with all aspects of the work...I would highly recommend..."

    Customer Review

    By Patti L.
    Silverton, OR

    I was very pleased with all aspects of the work...I would highly recommend your firm to anyone who asked about it!
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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in WA:

Project Location: S. Tyee, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Search Request: sunken concrete

Comment: Slab is pulling away and sloping away from foundation

Project Location: Dry Creek Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926


Project Location: SE 9th St, North Bend, WA 98045

Comment: I have a 10' x 10' concrete patio that has cracked and is offset by about an inch or two. Would like an estimate to repair. Can provide photos and exact measurements.

Project Location: Manion Way Ne, Duvall, WA 98019

Comment: Our walkway in the front of the house has sunk about 9"-10" at the entry porch. I would like a quote and more information on this process of concrete "lifting". Thank you!

Project Location: 189th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA 98074

Comment: Front porch slab needs to be raised

Project Location: Tom Marks Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290

Comment: Back patio is sloping and has visible voids underneath. Would like to preserve for 5 years before replacing entirely.

Project Location: 179TH AVE NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Comment: We bought a house that was built in 70s, concrete on the drive way is not flat. We would like to have it fix, turn it back to nice and flat. (prefer to contact me via email)

Project Location: 51st Ave NE, Marysville, WA 98271

Comment: Part of my front landing is cracking and sinking

Project Location: SE 46th Pl, Bellevue, WA 98006

Comment: Sinking patio concrete at backyard. The siding connected the concrete is bent.

Project Location: 181st Sw, Bothell, WA 98012

Comment: Garage slab has settled and want to make sure what is going on? Costs to repair?

Project Location: Lind Ave NW, Renton, WA 98057

Comment: My driveway is about 4" lower than the garage. It has a little crack also. I'd like to raise it or fix it. Thank you!

Project Location: 2nd Pl W, Bothell, WA 98021

Comment: I am going to have our driveway replaced and the contractor wanted someone to look at the garage floor and determine whether it needs to be raised.

Project Location: Gough Street, Sumas, WA 98295

Comment: I have a 12 x 12 slab that is needing to be raised. The slab is very bad and is cracked In pieces and it all needs to be raised so it comes together. I would like to get this level to avoid injuries when my son tries to play. Basketball on it.

Project Location: NE 133Rd Street, Kirjland, WA 98034

Comment: 20 x 30 shop building with slab on grade that has settled at the rear 50%

Project Location: 31st DR NW, Arlington, WA 98223

Comment: Need an estimate on lifting a 96" X 66" concrete slab about 2 to 3 inches.

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