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Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems installs a New Slab and Smart Jacks in Burlington, Vermont

A customer in Burlington, Vermont contacted Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems looking to make their dirt basement a usebale space.  They also had sagging floors in the rooms above the basement.  Matt's team of professional highly skilled installers installed a WaterGuard Perimeter System and then Poured a 4" thick new slab over the entire basement floor.  To fix the sagging floors four adjustable SmartJacks were installed to support the carrying beam.

Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems Installs Carbon Armor in Essex, Vermont

A customer in Essex, Vermont contacted Matt Clark's Northern Basemnet Systems looking for a way to stabilize their bowing walls.  With many options availble, the customer decided to go with The CarbonArmor System.  The CarbonArmor System permanently stabilizes your home's foundation walls. CarbonArmor uses fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) which are 10-times stronger than steel, yet flexible enough to contour tightly against your basement wall. The ArmorLock brackets bind and secure the CarbonArmor straps to your floor joists making the CarbonArmor solution fast, non-invasive and ideal for quickly stabilizing bowing and leaning walls.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Essex, VT

Shown here is a sidewalk in busy downtown Essex, Vermont. The shifting of the concrete created a safety hazard for those walking. Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems went out to provide a free estimate. Within the week we returned to repair the sidewalk using a PolyLevel Injection. This quickly and effectively stabilized the sinking and settling sidewalk, making the sidewalk safe again.  

Leveling of a concrete walkway in Saint Albans, Vermont

Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems performed a poly level injection on a customer's walkway and concrete stairs in Saint Albans, Vermont.  The customer had an uneven sidewalk and a concrete step that leaned to one side.  After treatment of poly level concrete injection, both the walkway and steps are now level and safe to walk on.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Craftsbury, VT

A homeowner in Craftsbury, VT had a section of sunken concrete in his garage that was becoming a major safety hazard.  They called Northern Basement Systems and set up a FREE ESTIMATE. After an inspection form one of our System Design Specialist the team went out and fixed the sunken concrete in no time! The crew began by drilling holes in the sunken areas, then injected high-density polyurethane foam (PolyLevel). When the foam expanded it raised the concrete to level it and eliminate the hazards. Lastly, the team sealed the holes and cracks with cement. 

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