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Concrete Leveling & Repair in Dallas, TX!

PolyLEVEL™ is a less abrasive and cost-saving alternative to concrete lifting & leveling. The entire concrete lifting process is less destructive and offers numerous benefits over typical slab raising methods. Our Dallas contractors are the only professionals trained and to provide the PolyLEVEL™ concrete lifting solution.

The PolyLevel Concrete lifting and slab-raising applications will work for the many variations of sinking and settling concrete, including:

• Concrete driveways and concrete steps
• Interior floor slabs
• Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
• Sunrooms with concrete floors
• Concrete roadways & parking areas
• Airport runways
• Concrete patios & landings

The Best Alternative to mudjacking and slab jacking

Mudjacking, or pressure grouting, are solutions that require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete, a procedure that is time consuming and expensive. PolyLevel’s two-part foam expands instantaneously upon injection beneath a settled slab. The injection holes are small and much less abrasive than those required for mud jacking. During the injection process, PolyLEVEL expands many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its initial level. It takes only a matter of minutes for the polymer to expand and reach more than 90% of its firmness!


Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Dallas, TX:

Project Location: Vanderbilt Ave, Dallas, 75206

Comment: After house had foundation repair, patio (concrete slab) began to settle as it did not have piers and was resting on soil on one end, while the end connected to house was raised. Attempted repair with crushed granite last year but outer edge of patio beginning to settle again.

Project Location: Edelweiss Cir, Dallas, 75240

Comment: Drive way needs leveling

Project Location: Westway Ave, Dallas, 75205

Comment: Sidewalk is uneven

Project Location: & 1527 Harbor Road, Dallas, 75216

Comment: Need a quote to mudjack a couple of 4 riser concrete entry stairs.

Project Location: Charlestown Dr, Dallas, 75230

Comment: Cement patio home entrance walkway need to be slightly lifted because water gathers on it

Project Location: Hollywood Ave, Dallas, 75208

Comment: I have a detached garage with a slab foundation. I would like to level and raise the garage before I repave the driveway. Currently getting flooded with heavy rain.

Project Location: Bonita Ave, Dallas, 75225

Comment: We have a room in our salon that the foundation has sunk in a corner of that and we would like it to be level

Project Location: Forest Trail, Dallas, 75238

Comment: Please provide an estimate to lift a slab by my front patio and the driveway in front of my garage

Project Location: Asbury St., Dallas, 75205

Comment: Walkway in front gate sunken to house side. Would like quote for lifting up the walkway.

Project Location: Robin Willow Ct, Dallas, 75248

Search Request: foam to keep decks from sinking

Comment: I need a quote to secure the pool deck from erosion.

Project Location: Prestonshire Lane, Dallas, 75225

Comment: Hello, I have a pool decking (made of small rocks and large stones), patio area (stamped concrete), and driveway that are all connected but are sinking. Some areas around the pool have sunk 2-3 inches. I would appreciate it someone gave me a call to discuss options available. Thanks, Dan

Project Location: Avondale Avenue, Dallas, 75219

Comment: 4 person car port needs to be releveled and cracks filled in.

Project Location: Braeburn Drive, Dallas, 75214

Comment: Our screened in patio is falling off the back of the house and the concrete slab has a large crack running through it. Is this something your company can repair?

Project Location: N Beacon St, Dallas, 75214

Comment: My front porch has sunk and has cracks. I want to see what can be done to level it and repair cracks

Project Location: Princeton Ave, Dallas, 75205

Comment: Concrete along the edge of the pool needs to be levelled

Concrete slab lifting for Commercial Buildings