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Trusted Concrete Leveling & Repair in Austin, TX!

PolyLevel® is a less abrasive and cost-saving alternative to concrete lifting & leveling. The entire concrete lifting process is less destructive and offers numerous benefits over typical slab raising methods. Our Austin contractors are the only professionals trained and to provide the PolyLevel® concrete lifting solution.

Our concrete leveling application can be used on:

• Concrete driveways and concrete steps
• Interior floor slabs
• Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
• Sunrooms with concrete floors
• Concrete roadways & parking areas
• Airport runways
• Concrete patios & landings

Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Austin, TX

The PolyLevel® experts in Austin, TX are trained in concrete leveling, concrete settlement, concrete problems, and concrete repair best practices. They're experienced in addressing the true cause of concrete settlement to help Austin homeowners remain safe from tripping hazards and enjoy peace of mind.

Superior Concrete Leveling Products & Solutions:

  • High-density expanding polyurethane foam
  • Environmentally-friendly concrete leveling
  • Water-resistant concrete lifting foam
  • Cleaner, more effective alternative to mudjacking/slab jacking

Benefits of Quality Concrete Leveling:

  • Permanently stabilized concrete
  • Even concrete surfaces - no more tripping hazards and pooling water
  • Added value and curb appeal
  • Most concrete surfaces are ready to use within minutes

The Best Alternative to mudjacking and slab jacking

Mudjacking, or pressure grouting, are solutions that require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete, a procedure that is time consuming and expensive. PolyLevel®'s two-part foam expands instantaneously upon injection beneath a settled slab. The injection holes are small and much less abrasive than those required for mud jacking. During the injection process, PolyLevel® expands many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its initial level. It takes only a matter of minutes for the polymer to expand and reach more than 90% of its firmness!

Austin, TX's Cracked, Damaged Concrete Repair Company

Do you have cracked or damaged concrete on your property? Our concrete sealing and cracked concrete repair products offer great value, can be installed quickly, and are proven to last for years to come. Improve your home’s curb appeal, safety, and value today by scheduling your free concrete repair estimate! We provide concrete repair in Austin and nearby in Texas.

Why More Austin, TX Homeowners Choose Us

  • Exclusive Mudjacking-Alternative, Concrete Lifting & Leveling System
  • Free, No-Obligation Cost Estimates
  • Hassle-Free Financing for Qualified Borrowers - Ask Local Dealer for Details

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Austin, TX:

Project Location: Austin, TX 78723

Comment: I have a driveway slab that has sunk a couple of inches

Project Location: Austin, TX 78712

Comment: Inside concrete floor lifting and cracking

Project Location: Austin, TX 78735

Comment: My back porch has sunk and now slopes toward my house, instead of away from the house. It has also cracked and sunk toward one outside corner and needs to be raised there.

Project Location: Austin, TX 78745

Comment: Garage floor has a crown in center, cracks, sinking on either side -- would like to level for use as a workshop and gym so don't need to have shims under tables, squat rack, and shelving units

Project Location: Austin, TX 78724

Comment: Cracks and lifting need on concrete parking driveway in front of home.. pleas text, so I know who's calling me..

Project Location: Austin, TX 78749

Comment: Sunken walkway

Project Location: Austin, TX 78745

Comment: House is 8 years old. Driveway was poured on 5 sections. One section is tilting due to settling. I would like to know how much it would cost to level that section instead of repouring new concrete.

Project Location: Austin, TX 78747

Comment: Concerned about the slab that the hvac sits on and the driveway and sidewalk leading to the door are shifting quite a bit.

Project Location: Austin, TX 78753


Project Location: Austin, TX 78734

Comment: Driveway issues

Project Location: Austin, TX 78739

Comment: We have a driveway and sidewalk that need to be lifted. Do you work with Insurance companies?

Project Location: Austin, TX 78744

Comment: Driveway, walkway, patio all shifting

Project Location: Austin, TX 78731

Comment: Hello, the slab of my garage addition seems to be sagging as the exterior wall slats are coming apart between the seam of the house and the garage. Need to get a quote to shore up the garage floor to prevent further damage. Thanks!

Project Location: Austin, TX 78704

Comment: Sidewalk is not level with the loading dock. Very dangerous and annoying for customers trying to use carts to move their things into the building.

Project Location: Austin, TX 78704

Comment: The top section of our driveway has sunk several inches below the garage slab. Need to top section only fixed to align with garage.

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