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  • Lifts settled slabs and slab foundations
  • Lifts and levels sunken sidewalks driveways and patios
  • Levels concrete steps and landings
  • Fills sinkholes and other voids
  • Lifts, levels and stabilizes roadways and airport runways
  • Strengthen and stabilizes loose soil for preconstruction applications

Our PolyLevel® Dealers Serving Texas

726 Hot Wells Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78223

If you've noticed cracks or uneven concrete surfaces around your home and live in South Texas, Baird Foundation Repair is your local, trusted solution.

As the oldest foundation repair contractor in the greater San Antonio area, Baird Foundation Repair has been providing quality foundation repair services since the early 1960s. Baird offers the revolutionary technology of the PolyLevel system. PolyLevel lifts and levels concrete slabs of sidewalks, stairs, driveways, patios, and more using a lightweight, waterproof material that lasts longer than slab jacking techniques.

8927 Meadow Vista Blvd
Houston, TX 77064
Superior PolyLift, a division of Superior Grouting Services, Inc. is a Commercial PolyLevel dealer serving greater Houston, TX. They are a grouting company that focuses on structural rehabilitation and concrete lifting and leveling.
2803 West Ave T
Temple, TX 76504
PolyLevel of Central Texas can fix your settling and sinking concrete slabs of any type!
312 Dallas Dr Unit C
Denton, TX 76205
Strive Concrete Solutions provides high quality PolyLevel concrete lifting, concrete leveling, and concrete repair services throughout the Greater Dallas area.
2520 Climer Cir
Amarillo, TX 79124
Legacy Supportworks is your local concrete repair contractor serving the Texas Panhandle. They can lift and level sunken and cracked concrete for a variety of residential applications.
5224 Saunders Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76119
4514 Cole Ave #600
Dallas, TX 75205
Power Jack Foundation Repair can help with your concrete lifting and leveling needs using the proven PolyLevel method. They offer free estimates in Fort Worth, Plano, Allen, and cities nearby.
107 N John Redditt Dr
Lufkin, TX 75904
PolyLevel of East Texas has the talented technicians you need to lift and level concrete slabs using PolyLevel. They offer free estimates to customers in Lufkin, Beaumont, Nacogouches, and other cities nearby in Texas.
123 Mesa Verde Dr
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
Longhorn Concrete & Foundation Repair is the local PolyLevel dealer in Greater Austin, TX. They specialize in all aspects of concrete leveling and lifting.

Conditions where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink is not uncommon in Texas and is often the result of shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. It causes driveways, sidewalks, walkways, concrete steps or patio areas to become tripping hazards and can effect property value.

Texas, also known as The Lone Star State, hosts a variety of soil types, ranging in density and load-bearing capacities. The diverse landscapes is a mix of deserts, prairies, grasslands, forests and the coastlines.

Soil in any environment can change, however. When the weight above the soil exceeds the soil below, the soil will compact and settle. Clay and silt can also cause soil to compact when it becomes dry. Regardless of the reason, once soil becomes compact, heavy concrete above the soil will sink and crack. It's a gravity thing!

While it is a very noticeable problem, with the right contractor, it can have a very simple solution.

Previously, sinking concrete was repaired by a technique called "mud jacking" that uses a thick slurry to fill in the gap underneath the sunken concrete. While effective, it is not the most efficient way to solve the problem, and adds more weight above the compacting soil.

Today, select contractors in Texas are trained and certified to provide a better alternative to mud jacking. PolyLevel is a less intrusive, lighter weight solution that doesn't add more weight to the problem.

If you are seeing signs of sinking concrete on your property, have a contractor certified to provide the PolyLevel alternative to mud jacking take a look at it. The following Texas contractors are trained and certified to provide a free estimate to solve your sinking concrete problem.

Customer Reviews
  • By David Ayres
    "Very good service and employees"

    Customer Review

    By David Ayres

    Very good service and employees
  • By Roy M.
    Flower Mound, TX
    "The crew that performed the work were nice gentlemen.  They were very..."

    Customer Review

    By Roy M.
    Flower Mound, TX

    The crew that performed the work were nice gentlemen.  They were very knowledgeable and courteous and I enjoyed them being here.  The patio is now beautiful.   
  • By Mark H.
    Watauga, TX
    "Tom was/is very personable and professional.  "

    Customer Review

    By Mark H.
    Watauga, TX

    Tom was/is very personable and professional.  
  • By Sylivia
    Temple, TX
    "Recommend this company to everyone. The product(foam) is amazing, crew was..."

    Customer Review

    By Sylivia
    Temple, TX

    Recommend this company to everyone. The product(foam) is amazing, crew was very professional from start to finish. Affordable and WE LOVE THE RESULTS!
  • By Rhea C.
    Temple, TX
    "  Concrete slabs around pool were uneven and sticking up on corners..."

    Customer Review

    By Rhea C.
    Temple, TX

      Concrete slabs around pool were uneven and sticking up on corners. The joint cracks were unsealed. I Visited with Mark at Trade Show in Belton and he assured us he could help us out. Albert and his crew were friendly and showed up on time on the agreed upon date. They worked hard to complete the job in a timely manner. We agreed upon the exact scope of work prior to beginning the job and there were no surprises. I would highly recommend Longhorn Concrete and Foundation Repair for your concrete repair needs! 
  • By Helen A.
    Temple, TX
    "Was way cheaper than pouring all new slab! Was very impressed after..."

    Customer Review

    By Helen A.
    Temple, TX

    Was way cheaper than pouring all new slab! Was very impressed after researching the company up on line and how it was done.
  • By Paul S.
    Copperas Cove, TX
    "Great explanation of the process and follow thru of the whole job."

    Customer Review

    By Paul S.
    Copperas Cove, TX

    Great explanation of the process and follow thru of the whole job.
  • By Ward W.
    Austin, TX
    "Thanks a lot, I can now have a wheelchair ramp installed without worrying..."

    Customer Review

    By Ward W.
    Austin, TX

    Thanks a lot, I can now have a wheelchair ramp installed without worrying about what's underneath the ramp.
  • By Michael S.
    Austin, TX
    "we were looking at fixing the slabs by mud jacking when we came across..."

    Customer Review

    By Michael S.
    Austin, TX

    we were looking at fixing the slabs by mud jacking when we came across your method. and we decided to try it instead
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Comment: Pool decking is uneven.

Project Location: Roma Ct., Rockwall, TX 75087

Comment: Recently had foundation work done, but now my patio is uneven and has cracks.

Project Location: Orange Cove, Allen, TX 75002

Comment: Interested in poly lift on east side of home. engineer report states that we need 8 piers. however, we are looking for a simple solution, and perhaps the poly way is it.

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