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Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair in Doylestown, PA!

Your local Doylestown PolyLevel contractor is BQ Basement Systems.

PolyLevel™ is a less abrasive and cost-saving alternative to concrete lifting & leveling. The entire concrete lifting process is less destructive and offers numerous benefits over typical slab raising methods. Our Doylestown contractors are the only professionals trained and to provide the PolyLevel™ concrete lifting solution.

The PolyLevel Concrete lifting and slab-raising applications will work for the many variations of sinking and settling concrete, including:

• Concrete driveways and concrete steps
• Interior floor slabs
• Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
• Sunrooms with concrete floors
• Concrete roadways & parking areas
• Airport runways
• Concrete patios & landings

The Best Alternative to Mudjacking and Slab Jacking

Mudjacking, or pressure grouting, are solutions that require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete, a procedure that is time consuming and expensive. PolyLevel’s two-part foam expands instantaneously upon injection beneath a settled slab. The injection holes are small and much less abrasive than those required for mud jacking. During the injection process, PolyLevel expands many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its initial level. It takes only a matter of minutes for the polymer to expand and reach more than 90% of its firmness!

For homeowners, general contractors and commercial property owners, the PolyLevel system is the most effective solution for repairing sunken concrete surfaces. Contact us today for a free inspection and repair estimate!

Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Doylestown, PA:

Project Location: Louise Saint Claire Drive, Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Quote for sinking cracked back patio

Project Location: Hedgerow Lane, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: I need a concrete pad under my pool equipment raised. It has settled and dropped.

Project Location: CAMPBELL AVE, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: I have a concrete pad 63" x 36" outside in front of cellar steps that has sunk about 2 1/2' at one end, need estimate.

Project Location: North Street, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Property Management Company and we have a property that has a large section of sidewalk that has settled and water collects. Need to get estimate for leveling.

Project Location: Devon Lane, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Front walkway has slab that is approx 2' x 2' which has sunk approx 1 inch. I would like to get an estimate to level it to reduce/eliminate tripping hazard

Project Location: Glen Dr, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Pool area has sinking concrete. It isn't in the budget to replace it all so looking to get it leveled.

Project Location: Alyssa Ln, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Pool deck needs to be jacked a couple inches on one section

Project Location: N Hamilton St, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Uneven concrete patio slab, slopes back toward house and basement with potential for leaking/flooding into house

Project Location: Bittersweet Lane, Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Deck around pool

Project Location: Miladies Lane, Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Front sidewalk slab lifting

Project Location: Dickinson Way, Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Front portico is sinking and pulling away from house

Project Location: Shady Springs Drive, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: I have concrete slab around my pool with one or two sections which are "sinking". The area is 3 by 4 or so. One side of slab went down for 3/4 of an inch and another went up. Please call me after 5 pm or tomorrow 2/16

Project Location: Jennifer Ct., Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Have a slab by my pool with a corner cracked off and sinking. Need a new slab or repair, not sure.

Project Location: Louise St Claire Dr, Doylestown, 18902

Comment: Leveling 8 slabs of concrete in front of home.

Project Location: Cedar Crest Court, Doylestown, 18901

Comment: Sidewalk has sunk about 2.5 inches where it meets entrance landing. Appears to be a caviity under this area formed by water/erosion.

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