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PolyLevelâ„¢ dealers are hand-picked from the finest home improvement contractors internationally, and Baker's Waterproofing is one of the largest foundation repair companies in the entire country! Since 1975 this family-owned and operated business has served thousands of homeowners throughout their local area, providing succinct customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. A member of the international network of the world's best basement contractors, Basement Systems, Inc., Baker's Waterproofing has gained the experience and support necessary to be a trustworthy and efficient company you can trust.

If your sidewalk or driveway has an uneven surface or perhaps it is cracking or sinking, Baker's Waterproofing can help. As a PolyLevel dealer, they have access to this patented, one-of-a-kind quality, 2-part foam that levels and lifts the concrete slab for safety and permanent repair. This foam expands to fill in all gaps, doesn't apply additional weight or pressure, and lasts forever!

PolyLevel Benefits Compared to Slab Replacement or Repair:

  • Permanent fix
  • More affordable
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic foam
  • Less invasive
  • Quick installation
  • And More!

Baker's Waterproofing also offers NexusPro, a unique sealing agent that fully repairs cracks in the concrete on your property. Contact the specialists at Baker's Waterproofing today to get your free estimate for concrete repair and lifting in the Tri-state southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio including Pittsburgh, Washington, Morgantown, Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon, Cranberry Township, Butler, and more.

By Marie B.
"Great team (Nick and Juan). Job done in timely and satisfactory manner."
By Tom D.
"I would recommend to anyone."
By Albert M.
"Baker's service was excellent. There were many challenges to leveling our driveway but we are very..."
By Marl H.
"I was happy that the Polylevel technique worked. It brought it up flush, good job!"
Brian S.
Windber, PA
Very pleasant to talk too! Explained all my options. Came to the house ready to work. Loved them. If I lived near by, we would be hanging out!!
David D.
Lemont Furnace, PA
I would like to thank Mark Luba and Ada Goroncy for all of their help in getting my project completed. The Installer and Foreman did a real good job. Kept me...
Pamela M.
Uniontown, PA
Scott was very thorough. He told me what he was going to do and what was going to happen. Very professional and very nice. There were some things they couldn't...
Baker's Waterproofing Before & After
  • Large Dirt Crawl Space Repaired in Central City, PA
    Large Dirt Crawl Space Repaired in Central City, PA

    Large Dirt Crawl Space Repaired in Central City, PA

    Every dirt crawl space should be treated to improve the health of a home. THIS large dirt crawl space had standing water, debris, and led to mold growth upstairs--a serious hazard.

    We fixed the standing water issue, isolated the dirt floor and concrete block walls from the home, sealed off vents, and dehumidified the air.

    Now, the homeowner is confident that she's living in a healthier home!

  • Crawl Space Moisture Control and Insulation in Friedens, PA
    Crawl Space Moisture Control and Insulation in Friedens, PA

    Crawl Space Moisture Control and Insulation in Friedens, PA

    Friedens homeowner was tired of dealing with the nasty crawl space below his home. This untreated space had water leakage, poor air quality, and falling insulation in various areas throughout the crawl space ceiling.

    Notice that Baker's white, durable CleanSpace vapor barrier addresses all repair needs while dramatically transforming the area into a healthy part of the home!

  • Basement Vapor Barrier in Somerset PA
    Basement Vapor Barrier in Somerset PA

    Basement Vapor Barrier in Somerset PA

    In Somerset Pa the paint along the foundation was beginning to chip due to excessive dampness. We applied BrightWall vapor barrier system. The semi-rigid system is designed to block moisture and direct it into the below-floor drain to keep the space dry.

  • Mold Cleaning & Waterproofing in Somerset, PA
    Mold Cleaning & Waterproofing in Somerset, PA

    Mold Cleaning & Waterproofing in Somerset, PA

    Our team successfully transformed this wet, moldy basement into a dry, healthy living area! This Somerset, PA homeowner is resting much easier knowing that our proven waterproofing solution is keeping his basement dry.

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