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Concrete Leveling, Lifting & Repair in Raleigh, NC

Ignoring cracked, sinking concrete on your property can lead to bigger problems down the road. Repairing your damaged concrete is essential in avoiding tripping hazards, further cracking of the concrete slab, and other issues resulting from your cracked concrete.

PolyLevel® contractors in Raleigh offer repairs for:

  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Concrete basement floors
  • Concrete driveways
  • Concrete patios
  • Concrete garage floors
  • Concrete pool decks & pool surrounds
  • Concrete warehouse floors
  • And more!

Contact your local PolyLevel® dealer in Raleigh today to learn more about our innovative PolyLevel® solutions and schedule a free estimate for your property!

What is the PolyLevel® concrete leveling method?

PolyLevel® is an innovative solution created by Supportworks foundation experts. PolyLevel® is a unique, lightweight, polyurethane foam that is injected directly beneath your concrete slab. It is an affordable, fast-acting solution that requires minimal downtime. In fact, PolyLevel® can support weight in as few as fifteen minutes, as opposed to the full day of waiting required for mudjacking.

PolyLevel® is also environmentally friendly, waterproof, and allows for greater control with less stubborn mess. If you’re interested in a permanent, easy solution for your sunken, cracked concrete in Raleigh, get in touch with your local PolyLevel® dealer today to schedule a free estimate!

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Raleigh, NC:

Project Location: Yadkin Dr, Raleigh, 27609

Comment: My walkway is cracked and unlevel along with my porch. I'd like to get an estimate for the repair.

Project Location: Kinross Drive, Raleigh, 27613

Comment: Small section of sidewalk leading from driveway has settled and is a trip hazard. Email preferred.

Project Location: Gann Trl, Raleigh, 27612

Comment: One section of driveway entering the garage has lowered slightly 1/2 in but now allowing water into the garage

Project Location: Millrace Trail, Raleigh, 27606

Search Request: sidewalk leveling companies near me

Comment: I would like to get an estimate on leveling an uneven sidewalk leading from the driveway to the front entrance.

Project Location: Richland Drive, Raleigh, 27612

Comment: Garage floor slab has settle on one side creating a 1/2 inch gap under the door on one side

Project Location: Hanover St, Raleigh, 27608

Search Request: polylevel system 12330 cary circle

Comment: Need book

Project Location: 2925, Henslowe Drive, Raleigh, 27603

Comment: 13' x 3'6" front porch has settled. Need to get estimate for raising it.

Project Location: Blakehurst Drive, Raleigh, 27617

Comment: 2 slabs of the driveway (one mostly) has sunken.

Project Location: Griffice Mill Road, Raleigh, 27610

Comment: Sidewalk having wash out since it rains and it pools around the sidewalk area. Sidewalk not leveled

Project Location: Grimstead Ln, Raleigh, 27613

Comment: Carport has sunk around edges

Project Location: Mayview Rd, Raleigh, 27607

Comment: I have a pool, and one section of the concrete slab has sunken. I d like an estimate. Thanks

Project Location: Redcrest Place, Raleigh, 27617

Comment: I have a concrete patio that seems to be pulling away from my town house. I am on a hill and think the clay is settling and causing the slab of concrete to shift.

Project Location: Harvard, Raleigh, 27609

Comment: To level the driveway

Project Location: Olde Stream, Raleigh, 27612

Comment: Sunken driveway to the garage, creating lip. Height of 3-5 inches.

Project Location: Mine Shaft Rd, Raleigh, 27615

Comment: We have a small 12x12 patio that is trending downward towards that the previous owners quick solved by putting old bricks under the sinking side. I would like to see how much it would cost to raise this back up securely.

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