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Fayetteville, NC PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Sunken, cracked concrete in Fayetteville? PolyLevel® is a unique polyurethane formula designed to repair damaged concrete quickly and efficiently. If your property in Fayetteville is showing signs of a sunken driveway, patio, or any other sunken concrete element, PolyLevel® is an excellent option. Our unique PolyLevel® concrete lifting solution is:

  • Affordable
  • Fast-acting
  • Adjustable
  • Non-invasive & lightweight
  • Environmentally-friendly

PolyLevel® allows you to repair your sunken concrete without the headache that comes along with mudjacking and other traditional methods. Contact a PolyLevel® dealer near you today for a free concrete lifting estimate in Fayetteville!

PolyLevel® Concrete Repair Estimates

PolyLevel® works to repair almost any sunken concrete on your property. Consider PolyLevel® to increase curb appeal, safety, and value. PolyLevel® contractors can lift:

  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Concrete basement floors
  • Concrete driveways
  • Concrete patios
  • Concrete garage floors
  • Concrete pool decks & pool surrounds
  • Concrete warehouse floors
  • And more!

Get in touch with a trusted PolyLevel® dealer today to learn more and schedule your estimate for concrete lifting and leveling.

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Fayetteville, NC:

Project Location: Wildlife Way, Fayetteville, 28314

Comment: Patio concrete has dropped. Need it raised.

Project Location: Hampton Ridge Rd, Fayetteville, 28311

Comment: Driveway needs to be raised.

Project Location: Heartpine Dr, Fayetteville, 28306

Comment: Steps separating from house?

Project Location: Cedar Hill Dr, Fayetteville, 28312

Comment: We have a brick banded front porch slab over a filled foundation. I think settling in back center has caused front corners to raise up about an inch.

Project Location: Shawcroft Road, Fayetteville, 28311

Comment: Heavy rain has eroded and watched out dirt from underneath portions of my driveway creating a large gap between the concrete slab and the foundation. The driveway has not cracked or sunk yet, so I'd like to knotweed if filling in the openspace with poly foam is the best and more economical way of fixing it.

Project Location: Lothbury Dr, Fayetteville, 28304

Comment: Garage floor and drive

Project Location: Touchstone Dr, Fayetteville, 28301

Comment: Raise a garage slab section that has settled. Raise slab height to same elevation as rest of garage slab.

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