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PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling & Repair in Cary, NC

PolyLevel® is a safe, less invasive alternative to traditional mudjacking methods. The PolyLevel® two-part foam is injected beneath your concrete, instantly lifting and leveling your sunken concrete slab. PolyLevel® contractors can lift your concrete quickly and effectively, with minimal downtime and disruption to your routine.

Your local PolyLevel® concrete repair contractors provide solutions for:

  • Concrete driveways and concrete steps
  • Interior floor slabs
  • Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
  • Sunrooms with concrete floors
  • Concrete roadways & parking areas
  • Airport runways
  • Concrete patios & landings

A better alternative to mudjacking in Cary

Unlike mudjacking, the PolyLevel® solution does not require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete- a procedure that is both time consuming and expensive. Injected through small, minimally-invasive holes, PolyLevel® expands, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original height. Our unique polyurethane formula will already expand to reach 90% of its firmness in just a few minutes, making PolyLevel® the quickest method to raise your slab.

For homeowners, general contractors and commercial property owners, PolyLevel® is the most effective solution for lifting and leveling sunken concrete surfaces. Contact your local PolyLevel® contractors for a free concrete repair estimate in Cary!

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Cary, NC:

Project Location: Branchway Rd, Cary, 27519

Comment: Sunken slabs and cracks in concrete driveway.

Project Location: Stromer Drive, Cary, 27513

Comment: Slab has sank, causing water to pool in one corner of the porch.

Project Location: Gentlewoods Dr, Cary, 27518

Comment: Driveway has sunken at garage and needs to be leveled to direct water away.

Project Location: Ketrick Ct, Cary, 27519

Comment: Front porch steps are sinking

Project Location: Peninsula Forest Pl, Cary, 27519

Comment: One side of patio is sinking.

Project Location: SEABROOK AVENUE, Cary, 27511

Comment: Concrete patio ; one of the slabs settled creating a trip hazzard.

Project Location: Wayfield Lane, Cary, 27518

Comment: The brick-and-concrete front steps of my house are sinking. Can you fix that? If so, can I get an estimate on doing it?

Project Location: King Edward Ct, Cary, 27511

Comment: Front porch sunk 2 inches, brick surrounding it is holding up fine. Need porch slab raised. I got a quote of $800 a few years ago and decided to wait, now is a better time if the quote is still in the same ballpark.

Project Location: Wayfield Lane., Cary, 27518

Comment: Front Steps and Driveway have sunken. Would like a quote on how much it would be to fix.

Project Location: Tapestry Ter, Cary, 27511

Comment: Hello, A section of my driveway and most of my single car garage floor appears to be about an inch lower than it's original height. I'd like to get an estimate for the repair. Thanks

Project Location: MORAY CT, Cary, 27511

Comment: We have an exposed aggregate driveway with sinking occuring in a couple of locations. Would like an estimate to lift the sunken areas and repair any cracks to prepare for a pressure wash and seal. Thanks! -Kristi

Project Location: Windance Court, Cary, 27518

Comment: We are in the process of buying a house. The inspection turned up that the front stoop has settled toward the house. The concrete part in one corner away from house is raised slightly higher than the surrounding brick. The concrete next to the house has sunken lower about an inch. Front stoop is 9x5 total with the brick. We would like an estimate for raising the concrete to be level with the house to prevent water drainage. Thank you!

Project Location: Canton Chase Ct, Cary, 27513

Comment: Hi, I would like a quote on lifting two sunk sections of the garage floor. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.

Project Location: Hollowridge CT, Cary, 27519

Comment: Would like a quote for leveling my front walk to the house and leveling my driveway.

Project Location: Kronos Ln, Cary, 27513

Comment: The concrete on the porch has sunk about 2 to 3 inches in one corner. It is surrounded by brick and I assume there is just feel under Neath.

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