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Improving Curb Appeal - Florida, NY

These homeowners wanted to improve the quality of their backyard. Because of the many projects that we had completed for other clients we were contacted to help improve the curb appeal of their backyard.

PolyLevel Pool Deck Repair in NY

Our client's concrete around their pool was suffering from multiple uneven surfaces. These uneven surfaces created a hazardous pool area for both kids and adults. Basement Systems of New York was called to level all the uneven surfaces that they had, we were able to restore the concrete around their pool with the help of PolyLevel. We injected PolyLevel foam beneath the concrete, which raised it back to the proper level and made it look brand new 

Lifting A Sidewalk Slab With The Help of PolyLevel - Middletown, NY

Basement Systems of New York was contacted to give this homeowner's walkway a fresh face. Over the many years of the walkway being there, it had sunk a great deal. We were able to rectify this tripping hazard and eyesore for them with the help of PolyLevel. By drilling several pilot holes we were able filled the area that had sunken down with PolyLevel to make it flush again, but more importantly, give the homeowner peace of mind.

Lifting And Leveling Concrete At The Fairways At Wallkill - Middletown, NyY

This property management company contacted Basement Systems of New York to see what could be done to bring their sidewalks and stoops back to level, but more importantly remediate the hazards throughout the complex. As you can see due to the voids created below their concrete their sidewalks and stoops had sunken tremendously. Not only did this cause a tremendous eyesore for this community, but it also caused a tremendous hazard.
We were able to rectify the problem at hand with the help of Polylevel. To make both their sidewalks and stoops level and true again we strategically drilled several 5/8th pilot holes and applied Polylevel to the voids below the concrete. In doing this we were able to lift, level, and stabilize their concrete.
Since completing this project we were able to bring a sense of security and peace of mind back to the community both directly and indirectly. 




PolyLevel installed at Wallkill Town Hall - Wallkill, NY

The local Government complex had many troublesome areas of concern around their buildings. These issues created tripping hazards and an eyesore for both officials and residents. To remedy this our team Injected PolyLevel foam under the slab to fill in voids and lift and level the concrete. By doing so we were able to allow them to return to a complex of complete function, as well give them peace of mind that no one would injure themselves. 

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