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  • Lifts settled slabs and slab foundations
  • Lifts and levels sunken sidewalks driveways and patios
  • Levels concrete steps and landings
  • Fills sinkholes and other voids
  • Lifts, levels and stabilizes roadways and airport runways
  • Strengthen and stabilizes loose soil for preconstruction applications

Concrete Leveling & Concrete Repair Companies In New York

4 Jones Road
Halfmoon, NY 12065
New York: including Albany, Saratoga, Ulster, Rensselaer, and Schenectady counties.
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2901 Rte 17k
Bullville, NY 10915
Basement Systems of New York is Greater Hudson Valley's premier PolyLevel dealer offering the one-of-a-kind two-part expanding foam solution to concrete slab unevenness!
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302A West 12th Street #348
New York, NY 10014
Quality 1st Basement Systems provides PolyLevel concrete leveling and lifting services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.
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6500 Rt. 80
Apulia Station, NY 13020

Woodford Bros., Inc specializes in foundation repair and concrete lifting for homes and businesses throughout Central New York. They have nearly four decades of experience in the construction renovation industry and have been involved in over 30,000 projects.

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1001 State Street, Suite 1400, #106
Erie, PA 16501
Stop letting sinking concrete slabs lower your property's image and value. With the stress-free concrete leveling system from The Foundation Solutions, they can guarantee restored steps, walkways, patios, and more! Schedule a free estimate in Edinboro, Erie, Warren, and areas nearby in PA and NY.
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3689 California Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Superior Concrete Services of Greater Buffalo, NY offers expert concrete repair solutions, including concrete leveling and concrete sealing. Call for a free estimate on their durable concrete repair solutions today in Buffalo, Orchard Park, Tonawanda and nearby.
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Conditions where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink is not uncommon in New York and is often the result of shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. It causes driveways, sidewalks, walkways, concrete steps or patio areas to become tripping hazards and can effect property value.

New York, also known as The Empire State, hosts a variety of soil types, ranging in density and load-bearing capacities. From New York City to Upstate New York, the state terrain includes a wide range including urban areas, farms, forests, rivers, mountains and lakes.

Soil in any environment can change, however. When the weight above the soil exceeds the soil below, the soil will compact and settle. Clay and silt can also cause soil to compact when it becomes dry. Regardless of the reason, once soil becomes compact, heavy concrete above the soil will sink and crack. It's a gravity thing!

While it is a very noticeable problem, with the right contractor, it can have a very simple solution.

Previously, sinking concrete was repaired by a technique called "mud jacking" that uses a thick slurry to fill in the gap underneath the sunken concrete. While effective, it is not the most efficient way to solve the problem, and adds more weight above the compacting soil.

Today, select contractors in New York are trained and to provide a better alternative to mud jacking. PolyLevel is a less intrusive, lighter weight solution that doesn't add more weight to the problem.


If you are seeing signs of sinking concrete on your property, have a contractor to provide the PolyLevel alternative to mud jacking take a look at it. The following New York contractors are trained and to provide a free estimate to solve your sinking concrete problem.

Customer Reviews
  • By Fred C.
    Syracuse, NY
    "Tony was knowledgeable and curteous. My decision not to contract at this..."

    Customer Review

    By Fred C.
    Syracuse, NY

    Tony was knowledgeable and curteous. My decision not to contract at this time relates strictly to hgher than project cost compared to documented local average cost.
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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in NY:

Project Location: Douglas Lane, Boston, NY 14025

Comment: Three sections of the six section (2 rows of 3) concrete parking area that are adjacent to the east wall of the garage have subsided resulting in a tripping hazard where this parking area meets up with the main concrete driveway pad.

Project Location: Christopher Blvd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Search Request: polylevel concrete lifting

Comment: Sidewalk slab at one end has sunk about 3/4 to 1 inch. Need this raised level.

Project Location: TorryDrive, Hamburg, NY 14075

Comment: Two slabs of our concrete driveway are sinking. We are wondering how much it would cost to lift them. The slabs have not cracked are seem to be in good condition.

Project Location: Connie Trail, Buffalo, NY 14219

Search Request: concrete lifting buffalo

Comment: Repair cracks on rear stamped patio, and front steps.

Project Location: Dickens Rs, Buffalo, NY 14219

Comment: Recently purchased a home and would like to look into the leveling of the concrete pads in the driveway and the addition of a few concrete pads on the property. Thank You

Project Location: Lake Ave, Buffalo, NY 14219

Search Request: superior concrete services


Project Location: Indian Churh Rd., Buffalo, NY 14210

Search Request: concrete leveling

Comment: I have a few slabs of my concrete driveway that are sinking toward my house making water in my basement a problem. Also have a very shallow spot in my sidewalk that retains water and is a liability in the winter months. I would like to know how much it would cost to fix the driveway and if you would be able to help with the sidewalk or if that is a town problem. Thank you for your time.

Project Location: Route 98, Varysburg, NY 14167

Comment: Two cracked patio pieces about 4x5 and one small one in the garage.

Project Location: Minnesota Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214

Comment: We are homeowners seeking quotes to address two structural problems with our 1920's home in N. Buffalo: *Structural problem of our back porch that is slanted *Reinforcement of the concrete foundation on driveway side

Project Location: BERRYMAN DR, Buffalo, NY 14226

Comment: Old Garage from 1940 that has sunk on one side by about 5 inches

Project Location: Ransom, Grand Island, NY 14072

Search Request: under concrete foam leveling


Project Location: Vine Lane, Buffalo, NY 14228

Comment: I have a bunch of sinking concrete in random areas, and a bunch that could be replaced. Looking for options that don't require a home refinance, LOL Thanks in advacne! Andrea

Project Location: Kimberly Drive, Lockport, NY 14094

Comment: I have a sunken concrete slab by side of house that holds pool equipment. Slab is 6x4 approx.

Project Location: Williams Road, Ransomville, NY 14131

Comment: My slab of concrete at my attached garage back door has sunken in near the house, several inches. If someone could come out for an estimate, I'd also appreciate taking a side trip a few miles away to a shrine with many statues on tipping foundations... of course as a separate project.

Project Location: Route 15A, Springwater, NY 14560

Comment: Estimate for a slab on grade garage, with cracks in floor and out of level.

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