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The efficient, new PolyLevel™ system accurately and permanently fixes sinking and settling concrete slabs. Erickson Foundation Supportworks offers the many advantages of PolyLevel™ throughout New Hampshire.

PolyLevel™ is preferred nowadays over mud jacking because it is more effective and less disruptive. It can also be used to fix a number of concrete issues such as:

  • Settled concrete slabs and slab foundations
  • Sunken sidewalks
  • Cracked driveways or walkways
  • Fill sinkholes
  • Strengthen & stabilize roadways and airport runways
  • And numerous other applications

If you are having a concrete slab settlement issue, contact the experts at Erickson Foundation Supportworks today to get a free estimate and more information on the PolyLevel™ method.

Their PolyLevel™ services are available throughout New Hampshire including: Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Derry, Salem, Amherst & nearby!

Mike B.
Westford, MA
Outstanding customer service, very professional and super friendly.
Margot & Robert H.
Bennington, NH
Chris was extremely pleasant and upbeat, explained everything nicely.
Michele H.
Amherst, NH
We had the concrete around the pool repaired and were very happy throughout the process.
Erickson Foundation Supportworks Before & After
  • Sidewalk Repair
    Sidewalk Repair

    Sidewalk Repair

    The soil under this sidewalk settled on one side, causing it to sink and eventually crack. There was a 1" height difference between the two sides.  Our PolyLEVEL system leveled the sidewalk and created a safe walkway once again. 

  • Pool Patio Repair
    Pool Patio Repair

    Pool Patio Repair

    This pool patio was full of cracks due to sinking and settling around its perimeter. We used PolyLEVEL injections to raise and stabilize the patio. It was a much needed repair and the final product looks great.

  • Crack Seal, Lyndeborough, NH
    Crack Seal, Lyndeborough, NH

    Crack Seal, Lyndeborough, NH

    Before and after look at a foundation wall crack. The crack was behind a finished wall in the home's basement, so drywall needed to be removed in order to access the crack. The foundation crack was sealed with a polyurethane injection, a foam material that quickly expands within the crack and effectively seals it all the way through. On the surface of the crack, an waterproof epoxy, NexusPro, is applied to further protect against seeping water.

  • Bowing Wall on Raised Foundation
    Bowing Wall on Raised Foundation

    Bowing Wall on Raised Foundation

    This home in Watertown, MA had a raised foundation in the back. The back-filled soils on the inside of this wall were putting pressure outward and forcing it to bow and crack. GeoLocks and Push Piers were used to stabilize the wall from bowing and settling.

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