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PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling & Repair in Winona, MN

PolyLevel® is a safe, less invasive alternative to traditional mudjacking methods. The PolyLevel® two-part foam is injected beneath your concrete, instantly lifting and leveling your sunken concrete slab. PolyLevel® contractors can lift your concrete quickly and effectively, with minimal downtime and disruption to your routine.

Your local PolyLevel® concrete repair contractors provide solutions for:

  • Concrete driveways and concrete steps
  • Interior floor slabs
  • Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
  • Sunrooms with concrete floors
  • Concrete roadways & parking areas
  • Airport runways
  • Concrete patios & landings

A better alternative to mudjacking in Winona

Unlike mudjacking, the PolyLevel® solution does not require the demolition and replacement of an entire slab of concrete- a procedure that is both time consuming and expensive. Injected through small, minimally-invasive holes, PolyLevel® expands, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original height. Our unique polyurethane formula will already expand to reach 90% of its firmness in just a few minutes, making PolyLevel® the quickest method to raise your slab.

For homeowners, general contractors and commercial property owners, PolyLevel® is the most effective solution for lifting and leveling sunken concrete surfaces. Contact your local PolyLevel® contractors for a free concrete repair estimate in Winona!

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Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Winona, MN:

Project Location: Clinton Drive South, Winona, 55987

Search Request: Concrete Leveling & Repair in Winona

Comment: Our sidewalks to and around the house as well as the front of the garage apron need to be leveled and raised.

Project Location: 49th Ave, Winona, 55987

Comment: Driveway is sinking and needs to be stabilized. I need it done before frost and I know there are holes drilled and a substance is injected under the slab.

Project Location: Ridgewood Dr, Winona, 55987

Comment: Settling of garage floor and concrete walkway to front door of house. Water pools towards the house's foundation during the winter from melting snow brought in by cars

Project Location: Locust Lane, Winona, 55987

Comment: Driveway is sinking and also walkway to the house

Project Location: Skyline Dr, Winona, 55987

Comment: Part of the driveway goes on the side of the garage. The concrete slab appears to be slowly shifting or sliding causing cracks with sinking and unlevel segments of concrete. I'm not sure if the PolyLevel Concrete Lift would help the problem.

Project Location: Debi Lei Dr, Winona, 55987

Comment: Cement driveway is sinking

Project Location: Elfmanns Drive, Winona, 55987

Comment: We are a trucking company, and in our office floor is sinking. the cement has in floor heat running through it and wondering if this system could work for us?

Project Location: Conrad Drive, Winona, 55987

Comment: Corner of driveway is dipping below grade of garage. pooling water.

Project Location: 68th Ave, Winona, 55987

Comment: Poly, Forklift ramp

Project Location: Rollin Sunset Drive, Winona, 55987

Comment: Driveway has sunken against garage and is uneven between sections. Adjoining walk has sunken as well. Worst case is an inch or two.

Project Location: Clinton Dr., Winona, 55987

Comment: Driveway apron sidewalk

Project Location: Miner Valley Rd, Winona, 55987

Comment: We have a slab outside our garage that needs lifting. I think we heard about you from the winona home show

Concrete slab lifting for Commercial Buildings