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Since AquaGuard Foundation Solutions joined the Foundation Supportworks network, the company has strived to provide leading, industry-proven foundation repair products. They understand that a home's safety depends on its base! Traditional solutions include helical and push piers, wall anchors, wall braces and crawl space jack posts. Now a service has been added to this list - the PolyLevel System!

PolyLevel is an improvement of the mudjacking method, where holes drilled into the ground are filled with a grout that subsequently lifts the concrete above. Instead of the grout, which is heavy and can eventually sink, PolyLevel uses a polyurethane substance that reacts and foams underground. This technique offers many benefits:

  • The lightweight, environmentally friendly polymer causes minimum disruption to the ground below.
  • Small, penny-sized holes in the ground are required to inject the polymer, diminishing disturbance on the surface.
  • Different grades of the substance are available, each designed to counter specific situations - heavier structures or especially water-eroded soil, for instance.
  • Just fifteen minutes after its application, the foam attains 90% efficiency and the area is safe for normal usage!

If your home or business is suffering from foundation disrepair, the experts at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions are better equipped than ever to help! They service residents within sixty miles of Atlanta, Georgia. Contact them today to schedule a free estimate and get started on stabilizing your home.

By Paula S.
"I have been very pleased with the entire process! Thank you!"
By David A.
"This review is for your Polylevel crew Matt McCormack and Eric. They were very professional ,fast..."
By Rich B.
"Matt and Eric did a great job. Difficult job and the raised slab looks great."
By Linda M.
"Matt McCormick and Eric did a superb job in leveling my patio. They were both extremely friendly,..."
John P.
Woodstock, GA
The work AquaGuard performed addressed our issue.
Pat L.
Austell, GA
This is our second time using AquaGuard and they did an excellent once again!
Randy L.
LaGrange, GA
AquaGuard did an EXCELLENT job.
AquaGuard Foundation Solutions Before & After
  • Using PolyLEVEL on a Front Porch in Rome
    Using PolyLEVEL on a Front Porch in Rome

    Using PolyLEVEL on a Front Porch in Rome

    AquaGuard was able to lift this home’s front porch back into place. One can see by the reduction in the gap between the floor of the porch and the wall of the house that PolyLEVEL truly does resolve any issues due to sinking concrete.
  • PolyLEVEL With Brick Surface
    PolyLEVEL With Brick Surface

    PolyLEVEL With Brick Surface

    PolyLEVEL even works on stairs! This homeowner asked AquaGuard to help fix their 3 brick stairs. Not only were they pulling away from the porch, but they were also beginning to settle. AquaGuard was able to mend these stairs with PolyLEVEL and two (hidden) support piers.
  • PolyLEVEL Even Lifts Stone Patios in Dallas
    PolyLEVEL Even Lifts Stone Patios in Dallas

    PolyLEVEL Even Lifts Stone Patios in Dallas

    This home’s concrete patio was sinking. Although many people think that PolyLEVEL is only effective on concrete, that is not the case. PolyLevel can help lift stone, brick, and concrete. PolyLevel is a great product to ensure the safety of your friends and family in any area of your property!
  • Front Stairs Lifted Back to Acworth Home's Foundation
    Front Stairs Lifted Back to Acworth Home's Foundation

    Front Stairs Lifted Back to Acworth Home's Foundation

    PolyLEVEL was applied to this home’s brick front stoop. Because of PolyLEVEL, this home’s from porch steps are now reconnected to the front foundation of this home. PolyLEVEL does not take more than 5 minutes to harden, so this homeowner was able to use his front porch immediately after AquaGuard finished the installation process.
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