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Restore and repair your sunken concrete in Montgomery, AL

Hurricanes from the Gulf Coast will often move inland as they lose intensity, eventually hitting the Montgomery area in the form of heavy rains and severe storms. This kind of excessive precipitation can wash away the soil beneath your concrete slabs, resulting in sunken and uneven concrete. Moisture changes can also cause soil to expand and contract, creating another threat for your concrete surfaces as expansive soil often shifts and settles. 

Our PolyLevel concrete leveling works for all kinds of residential and commercial applications, including:

  • Sunken sidewalks and patios
  • Bumpy, uneven driveways
  • Concrete pool decks and concrete steps
  • Interior floor slabs
  • Roadways, parking areas, and bridge approaches
  • Warehouse floors
  • And more!

PolyLevel concrete leveling and lifting provides permanent stability for your Montgomery property

If you're looking for a fast, efficient, and affordable solution for your sunken concrete that will still provide lasting results, PolyLevel concrete leveling is the answer. Unlike traditional concrete lifting methods such as mudjacking or slab jacking, the PolyLevel process is completed in under an hour with minimum disruption to your property, zero stress, much more reliable results. Our concrete leveling technology consists of a very lightweight yet durable polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the sunken concrete. Once injected, the foam instantaneously expands, raising the concrete slab as it does so until the concrete surface is even and flat once again. Not only is this process versatile, cost-effective, and quick, it also provides a preventative measure against future concrete damage by helping to stabilize the soil and permanently fill the void beneath the concrete.

Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Montgomery, AL:

Project Location: Old Magnolia Way, Montgomery, 36116

Comment: Let's set up a time to meet. 1. Pool Deck 2. Front Porch. Call or email. Thanks

Project Location: Donovan Dr, Montgomery, 36109

Comment: Back side of my concrete pool deck is sinking.

Project Location: East Fairview Ave, Montgomery, 36105

Comment: Need to life existing concrete porch and attach it back to the house.

Project Location: N Copperfield CT, Montgomery, 36117

Comment: Sunken driveway in need of repair.

Project Location: Karen Road, Montgomery, 36109

Comment: Addition on rear of home is sinking and cracked between the bricks. I have another 16 homes in the area and more on the way. Looking for reliable contractor to service these issues with my homes in Montgomery. Thanks

Project Location: Greythorne Way, Montgomery, 36117

Comment: Need cracked and broken in many places driveway fixed. In planning/budgeting phase.

Project Location: Bell Chase Dr, Montgomery, 36116

Comment: Driveway is uneven in several spots. Looking for a quote to level out the driveway.

Project Location: Wentworth, Montgomery, 36106

Comment: Pool decking needs work.

Project Location: Halcyon Blvd., Montgomery, 36117

Comment: Concrete dropped in several large places around pool.

Project Location: Towne Lake Drive, Montgomery, 36117

Comment: Alas around my in ground pool has settled. I would like for you give me a quote to correct this matter.

Project Location: Vaughn Lane, Montgomery, 36106

Comment: Cracked slab patio needs repair

Project Location: Oak Forest Dr, Montgomery, 36109

Comment: Wife and I are looking at possible purchase of an empty home. The slab is cracked width wise in the living room . Cracks are significant on each side of entry door. Floor is bowed length wise.

Project Location: Lakeside Ct, Montgomery, 36117

Search Request: raise concrete with foam Montgomery AL

Comment: Need to raise concrete in 3-4 areas around a pool.

Project Location: Ray Drive, Montgomery, 36109

Comment: Concrete around pool

Project Location: Lynwood Dr, Montgomery, 36105

Comment: Very uneven slab

Concrete slab lifting for Commercial Buildings