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Birmingham, AL's location in a Tornado Alley means that abundant rainfall and severe thunderstorms are not uncommon in the area. This kind of weather can lead to significant moisture changes in the soil, making soil washout and erosion a significant concern for your concrete surfaces. Sunken concrete is a very noticeable problem, revealing itself through cracked and uneven concrete slabs that can majorly detract from your home's curb appeal and property value. These broken concrete surfaces can also pose a serious safety hazard, making you liable for tripping and injury on your property.

Our PolyLevel concrete leveling services are available for both residential and commercial applications throughout the Birmingham area, and we have helped hundreds of customers restore and repair their sunken concrete. Whether you need concrete repair for your sidewalk, driveway, patio, pool deck, or walkway, we have you covered! We also provide concrete slab lifting for commercial buildings, warehouse floors, major highways, airport runways, and more.

The benefits of PolyLevel over mudjacking:

  • Fewer and smaller injection holes
  • Extremely lightweight material compared to 120lbs of typical concrete
  • Surface can be walked or driven on just 15 minutes after installation
  • Waterproof material that will never wash out
  • Polymer is durable and expansive, allowing it to lift heavier loads such as slab foundations

Many contractors use mudjacking or slab jacking to repair or replace damaged concrete. These traditional methods can be messy, disruptive, and expensive, and can turn into a long-term construction project. PolyLevel concrete leveling consists of a lightweight yet strong polyurethane foam, injected beneath the sunken concrete slab. This foam will immediately begin to expand and raise the concrete to a stable, level position. Within minutes, the foam will have expanded to 90 percent of its eventual firmness! Best of all, PolyLevel concrete leveling will ensure permanent, reliable results so your concrete will stay safe from soil washout and other damage in the future.

If you're looking for a fast, efficient, affordable, and permanent solution for your cracked or sunken concrete, contact your local PolyLevel dealer today! 

Are you ready to restore your property's value and remove the safety hazard of your damaged concrete? Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation cost estimate and a professional on-site inspection.

Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Birmingham, AL:

Project Location: Oxmoor Blvd, Birmingham, 35209

Comment: Unlevel concrete

Project Location: Wisterwood Ln, Birmingham, 35216

Comment: Need a quote for repairing a drive that has fallen

Project Location: Shadywood Lane, Street Address 2, Birmingham, 35206

Comment: Concrete is sinking around pool, Cracked also

Project Location: ONEAL DRIVE, Birmingham, 35226


Project Location: Berrywood Dr, Birmingham, 35216

Comment: Quote for leveling side walk going to the front door. 3 sections of slab roughly 15-20 feet

Project Location: Oak Meadows Place, Birmingham, 35242

Comment: Need to level a 90" x 90" existing concrete slab for new hot tub. About 1 inch out of level.

Project Location: Altadena Crest Drive, Birmingham, 35242

Comment: Section of driveway has sunk several inches.

Project Location: Overwood Road, Birmingham, 35222

Comment: Broken driveway and uneven /sinking concrete at front steps is a trip hazard.

Project Location: Oakridge Drive,, Birmingham, 35242

Comment: Two sections of sidewalk are sinking next to our front porch. Wanted to get a quote.

Project Location: Pahokee Trace, Birmingham, 35243

Comment: Front sidewalk shifting toward house and needs to be leveled.

Project Location: Crystal Circle, Birmingham, 35226

Comment: Interested in lifting a slab of concrete for my front walk.

Project Location: 7th Ave S, Birmingham, 35212

Comment: Home inspection showed steps are rolling away from the house. There is cracking too

Project Location: Vintage Lane, Birmingham, 35244

Comment: I have a small section of my sidewalk that has sunk and does not align with my driveway. Interested in what it would cost to repair this with your method.

Project Location: Overton Road, Birmingham, 35223

Comment: I'd like an estimate on raising my front stairs. They've sunk several inches.

Project Location: LaurelView Rd, Birmingham, 35216

Comment: Pool deck needs leveling

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