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Qualified concrete leveling and lifting contractor serving Auburn, AL

If you live in Auburn, AL, our local PolyLevel contractor will be happy to serve you. With over a decade of experience offering basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and concrete restoration services throughout the Auburn area, we have the patented products and quality workmanship you can trust.

Due to Auburn's location, fringe effects from tropical storms can be carried over from the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in heavy rainfall and high winds. This kind of heavy water flow can lead to soil washout beneath your concrete slabs. When the soil erodes, compresses, or is washed away, a void is created beneath the concrete and the slab can then sink into this gap. If you have cracked or sunken concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, patio, pool deck, or concrete steps, don't hesitate to contact your local PolyLevel dealer. 

Our PolyLevel concrete leveling services are available for both residential and commercial applications, and will permanently remove the safety hazard and eyesore of sunken concrete on your property. Whether you're looking to increase property value or simply want to enjoy your home with family and friends, PolyLevel concrete leveling is the perfect solution. We can fix anything from a bumpy, uneven residential driveway to a warehouse floor, concrete roadway, bridge approach, or airport runway.

PolyLevel concrete leveling is a fast, efficient, and permanent solution for your damaged concrete

Many contractors use mudjacking or slab jacking to demolish and replace broken concrete slabs. PolyLevel concrete lifting is a superior method to these traditional techniques, and offers the following benefits:

  • Affordable, permanent concrete stabilization
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Waterproof protection for your concrete
  • Fast-acting, ready within 15 minutes
  • Noninvasive and minimal mess
  • Environmentally-friendly material
  • Adjustable for perfectly even surfaces

PolyLevel concrete leveling consists of a simple polyurethane foam injection that instantly expands and raises the sunken concrete slab to its original position. Not only will the entire process be completed with speed, efficiency, and minimum disruption to your property, it will also provide permanent results by stabilizing the soil and filling the void to prevent further erosion or concrete damage.

If you're ready to improve your home or commercial property's safety by eliminate tripping hazards, boost your curb appeal by restoring your ugly and uneven concrete, and increase your property value, contact your local PolyLevel dealer today! Our basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, and concrete leveling services are available throughout the Auburn, AL area. Schedule your free cost estimate and on-site inspection to get started.

Recent job requests for PolyLevel in Auburn, AL:

Project Location: Abby Rd, Auburn, 36830

Comment: I have a driveway that has settled and created a low spot that water collects. I would like to get it raised.

Project Location: Forsythia Ct, Auburn, 36830

Comment: Had slabs around pool replaced due to sinking ~5 years ago. Now they are sinking again.

Project Location: Hw 280, Auburn, 36830

Comment: I have a pool deck that has gone down about an inch

Project Location: Lem Morrison Dr., Auburn, 36830

Comment: We currently have about 3,000 square feet of concrete that is uneven, cracked and chipped all over. We would like to get a quotes to see what our options are and how much it would cost to make it look new again.

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