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Sinking Concrete Slab or Sidewalk in Peoria

Here's a concrete sidewalk we lifted back to level in Peoria.

Slab Lifted

This previously uneven slab is now level with the garage floor, thanks to PolyLevel. 

Porch Lifted with PolyLevel

This homeowner's porch had sunken several inches due to settling soils beneath it. Our crew used a PolyLevel ejection to efficiently lift the concrete back to it's original position. 

Pool Deck Lifted with PolyLevel

Sinking concrete can be a huge tripping hazard to your friends and family, especially when it's around your pool! Our crew used a PolyLevel injection to raise this homeowner's pool slab back to it's original position, creating a safe environment that everyone can enjoy.

Good-Bye Mold!

This homeowner in Peoria, IL reached out to Bix because he was experiencing foundation, water and mold problems in his basement. Our crew used MoldEx to kill the mold. Thanks to CleanSpace these basement walls are now clean, healthy and attractive. When we called to follow up on how the job went this customer said, "The crew did a good, all around job. It's not easy work but they did a great job. The clean up was excellent."

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